Find the Best Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole Dancing ShoesIf you are looking for the best pair of pole dancing shoes look no further. We have scoured the internet to track down the finest on the market at the very outstanding prices. We guarantee that you will not find any at a cheaper price anywhere online. These incredible shoes often referred to as extreme, are essential if you’re a professional or attend heels classes at a pole studio.

There are a range of styles available for pole dancers these include Mary-Jane’s, sandals, high heels, platforms and boots. There are a selection of brands available including Pleaser, Nitelife, Demonia, Funtasma, Pin Up Couture Ellie and Tony.

The gold standard are of cause those made by Pleaser, the American company that are indisputably one of the most renowned provocative footwear manufacturers on the planet!! If you are looking for first-class craftmanship, comfort and sexiness these are the make for you.

If you are looking for a low cost pair for pole dance then look no further than here. We have located the most terrific shops to purchase your first or hundredth pair from at the cheapest prices. You can search for shops by country.

If you want to know where you can get the greatest ones or which are the superior brands to spend your money on, we reveal that as well. Browse our website to discover Pleaser UK stockists, the ones most suited to beginners and quality cheap ones.

As well as loving platform shoes with big heels we also love pole sports and all things aerial so have added information on where you can purchase poles, aerial hammocks, silks, hoops and rigging.

The Best Online Stores to buy Pole Dancing Shoes

Where to Purchase Pole Dancing Shoes
Wear If You Dare (eBay UK store)Specialists in sexy platform shoes for fitness and profession, ship world wide
eBayThere are always some brilliant shoes on to buy whether buy it now or auction. Shop at your countries site

UK - Ireland - America - Australia - Austria - France - Germany - Italy - Switzerland
Amazon America - UK
Wild Secrets (eBay store - Australia)Perfect for those in Australia. Ladies fashion and fetish shoes at superb prices
FM ShoesUK based store. Ship worldwide, Free UK delivery. Sell the leading brands of sexy shoes for pole for fun, fitness or work. Leading brands including Pleaser.

More About Pole Dancing Shoes

They are mature, seductive and sensual high heeled platform shoes that have added a flamboyant and cheeky nature to the world of fashion for your feet. They have been embellished by the pole fitness industry and you have a choice between platform high heel shoes, platform boots and platform sandals can add some variety and spice to any wardrobe. They are also practical attire for shorter people wishing to add height.

A pair of glam platform boots, platform sandals or high heel platforms will give your shoe wardrobe a kinky make over. Custom crystal decoration and glitter or unique objects in the heel can make yours stand out from the crowd. Customising them for your pole, lap, bikini competition can make all the difference. Available in a range of colours such as black, red, white, pink and more you can have some to match every outfit. Clear ones can be particularly glamorous and are often worn by bikini competitors and dancer’s alike.

If you are looking for shoes, clothes or any other equipment such as grip aids, tote bags, arnica cream look no further the shops above are the leading internet stores for footwear, attire and accessories for this amazing sport as well as lap dancing and aerial sports. Only top quality stockist are recommended. They have awesome delivery services, the lowest prices and the finest quality.

There are a number of online stockists that you can grab your shoes from including Banana Shoes, FM shoes, Amazon, eBay and several other stores. 

Sexy Shoes

These amazing pieces of foot attire that are worn for pole classes, strippers and celebs out on the town are just incredible. There are a a wide selection of spicy shoes,sandals, PVC fetish platform sandals, posing sandals and exotic dancer shoes available to purchase.

Some of the makes to look out for are Pleaser platform range which are made and imported from the United States of America. There are a variety of risque styles available for dancers to choose from, whether you want them for a class, work or just for fun.

This style of shoe is frequently available in large sizes, which is perfect if you have big feet or like to cross dress.

If you’re looking for some steamy clothes or shorts & tops you can also find out which are the preferred stores to get them from.

Whether your a stripper or just looking for fun there will be some for you! Whether you fancy patent black, glitter or pink ones there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

We are also, as we also love aerial about to start revealing the leading places to source yoga hammocks, silks, portable rigging, poles, hoops and more.

Pleaser Shoes on Sale

Frequently there are sales on this exotic breed due to a range being discontinued, black Friday or the January sales. If you are looking for Pleaser Sales or others on sale, we’ll reveal where the finest sales are happening as soon as we find out.

Sales are a terrific time of year to grab your new Pole Dancer High Heels- grab them before they are Gone!

Pole Shoe Brands

There are many makes available, Pleaser are obviously the ones that most go for, but they are not the only choice, especially if you are looking for affordable ones.

Other makes include Bordello, Ellie and Devious among others.

Who Wears Risque Pole Dancing Shoes?

Regular girls who love to be pole fit, celebs and professionals wear exotic heels on a regular basis.

Celebs that have been spotted in this amazing footwear are Nikki Minaj, Katie Price and Lady Gaga. They have all been spotted wearing Hot High Heels and Boots with High Platforms.

Where to Buy Cheap Ones?

That’s the beauty of the internet! You can shop around from the comfort of your home and often find the same at a lower price on another site. If you can’t afford to pay our for the premium ones you can invest in a more economical brand and upgrade in the future if you feel it is right for you. You can discover low priced ones that are tremendous for fitness classes right here at

To be honest if you’re just starting out you are probably more suited to wearing a pair that cost less as you will just scratch them (unless you wear protectors), rub the paint of them and bash the heels or discover that the style just isn’t for you.

If you do want the real thing then you could take a look for some pre-worn ones.

Platform Size

It’s possible to choose from and order a variety of heel sizes. 5, 6 and 7 inch heels are all super for spinning around the pole in. It might seem scary at first ordering some that are 7 inches high, but the platform at the front makes the heel size less than it first appears, so the heel height you are raised by is probably only 3 inches. That sounds much better for walking in, doesn’t it?

Posing Shoes

Bikini competitors frequently wear transparent heels. These are incredibly sexy shoes worn by United Kingdom Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (UKBFF), International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) competitors and World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) . You can discover where to get the finest ones available elsewhere on our website.

Ankle Strap or Not?

If you plan to go upside down then it’s advisable to grab a pair of sexy pole dancing shoes with an ankle strap otherwise they will fly across the room, bashing someone of the head, sending the heel into their eye or crashing into the mirror and breaking the glass. If you do choose strapless ones, make sure that you invest in detachable ankle straps for when you’re spinning around the pole.


Shipping is usually not included for free when you order, if shopping in the UK it usually costs around £4.00. Depending on where you order from can determine how quickly you receive your goodies. If the company is based in your country and they keep a plentiful stock in their warehouse you can expect them to be dispatched within 24 hours of your order being placed. Should you require them delivering the next day, this can usually be arranged if you email them or select express delivery at checkout.

If the pole dancing shoes are not kept in stock it will need to be shipped from the manufacturer first, so you can expect to receive them within 7-10 days. But do check with the stockist that you are looking at to confirm this.

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