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If you are looking for the best pair of pole dancing shoes look no further. We have scoured the internet to track down the best on the market at the very best prices. We guarantee that you will not find any pole dancing shoes at a cheaper price anywhere online. These incredible shoes often referred to as extreme shoes are essential if you’re a professional or attend heels classes as a pole studio.

There are a range of pole dancing shoe styles available for pole dancers these include Mary-Jane’s and Sandals. There are a number of brands available including Pleaser, Nitelife, Ellie and Tony. The gold standard pole dancing shoes are Pleaser shoes.

If you are looking for a cheap pair of pole dancing shoes then look no further than here. We have located the very best online shoe shops to buy pole dancing shoes at the cheapest prices. You can search for pole dancing shoe shops by country.

If you want to know where you can buy pole dancing shoes or which are the best brands to spend your money on, we reveal that as well. Browse our site to discover Pleaser UK stockists, the best shoes for beginners and qualify cheap pole shoes.

As well as loving platform shoes with big heels we also love pole sports and all things aerial so have added information to our site on where you can buy pole dancing poles, aerial hammocks, silks, hoops and rigging.

Best Pole Dancing Shoe Shops

Online Store Selling Pole Dancing Shoes
Banana ShoesUK based store. Ship worldwide, Free UK delivery. Sell the leading brands of sexy shoes for pole for fun, fitness or work. Leading brands including Pleaser. Frequent sales and sales room with up to 60% off.
Wear If You Dare (eBay UK store)Specialists in pole dancing shoes, ship world wide
Sexy ShoesGreat selection of pole dancing shoes, ship world wide
eBayThere are always some great shoes on to buy whether buy it now or auction. Shop at your countries site

UK - Ireland - USA - Australia - Austria - France - Germany - Italy - Switzerland
Amazon USA - UK
Shoes of Seduction (eBay store - Australia)Great for those in Australia. Ladies fashion and fetish shoes at great prices

More About Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole dancing shoes are sexy high heeled platform shoes that have added a flamboyant and cheeky nature to the world of shoe fashion. They have been embellished by the world of fetish and sexy shoes, platform high heels, platform boots and platform sandals can add some variety and spice to any wardrobe. They are also a practical shoes for shorter people wishing to add height.

A pair of glam platform boots, platform shoes or high heel platform shoes will give your shoe wardrobe a kinky make over.

If you are looking to buy pole dancing shoes, pleaser shoes, stripper shoes, pole dancing clothes or any other pole dancing equipment look no further the shops above are the very best online stores for shoes, clothes and accessories for pole dancing and lap dancing. Only top quality stockist are recommended. They have great delivery services, the lowest prices online and the finest quality shoes online.

There are a number of online stockists that you can buy your shoes from including Banana Shoes, FM shoes, Amazon, eBay and a number of other stores.