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Incredible Pole Dancing Shoes from Pleaser


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Pleaser Women's Adore-730
Slingback Sandal


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PLEASER - Delight-609
Sexy Ankle Strap Platform Sandal Shoe


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Pleaser Women's Sky-1020
Ankle-High Boot

What are the Best Pole Dancing Shoes?
Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guides

Are you looking for the perfect pair platform heels for pole dance classes? Do you want to read reviews about the best brands of stripper shoes? Would you like to know which are the leading online stores to buy them from? Let our useful buying guides, brand and shop reviews assist you in your search.

pole dancing shoesPole dancing for fun and fitness has become extremely popular over the last ten years. Girls (and boys) all over the world are now buying fabulous heels often referred to as stripper shoes for sexy pole flow classes, photo shoots and competitions.

So what are the best pole dancing shoes and where do I buy them from? To help answer this and other frequently asked questions we have created the go-to site for everything related to this amazing style of shoes. These incredible shoes often referred to as extreme, are essential if you’re a professional or attend heels classes.

During the last ten years or so those teaching this fun form of exercise have gone full circle in their view on the use of exotic, platform shoes. For a time pole studios shied away from sexy stripper shoes for fear that students will twist an ankle or it will give classes a bad name. But now many instructors and studios have quite a large collections of these amazing shoes.

There is a huge assortment available. These include platform sandals with 6-10 inch heels, ankle boots, light ups, neon heels, knee length and thigh high boots. A number of brands are popular among dancers including Pleaser, Ellie Shoes, Heel Heels and Tony Shoes.

The gold standard are those made by Pleaser, the American company that are indisputably one of the most renowned provocative footwear manufacturers on the planet!! If you are looking for first-class craftsmanship, comfort and sexiness these are the ones for you. For those on a budget beautiful platform shoes are available at a cheaper price.

There is a plethora of online shops to buy from - but which are the best to make your purchase from?

If you want to know which is the best store, which the superior labels are we reveal all. Browse our website to discover Pleaser UK stockists, the styles most suited to beginners and where to get quality cheap ones from.

Our Reviews of the Top Rated Brands in 2020​

There are many brands available, Pleaser are obviously the ones that most go for, but they are not the only choice, especially if you are looking for affordable ones.
Pleaser Shoes Reviewed


Pleaser shoes designed pole dance are the most sort-after and, based on our reviews, the ultimate option in our list. Having pioneered the footwear industry for many subcultures by innovating new styles and redefining older ones.

Their vast collection of footwear spans many different categories, embodied by powerful labels such as Pleaser which are superb.

Pleaser shoes for pole dance are indisputably the go to sexy shoe for many. Sexy shoe fans and professionals performers have a strong attachment to this sexy footwear. Pleaser pay strong attention to detail, craftsmanship and design - the reason why they are so well liked.

These are superior - they will last you a long time, as they are hard wearing, well made, sturdy and comfortable. They are light on the feet, with a solid plastic base.

The fit is incredible. The only downside is that it can be a few weeks until they arrive if you don't order them from the correct store.

To make sure that you buy from the online store that holds the biggest selection, ensure that you click on the link below.


Ellie Shoes

Ranking high in the reviews, Ellie Shoes have some seriously sexy shoes that combine style, design and craftsmanship.

Another company that has it's roots in supplying sexy bedroom shoes for women and is located in the USA.

Over the years they have expanded there selections to include seriously gorgeous platform boots and competition shoes. They are highly sort after for sexy costume shoes for Halloween.

Many in the USA favour them, but for some reason they are not as well liked with sellers in the UK. The quality and price of them give you great value for your money.

What Are Pole Dancing Shoes?

stripperEssentially they are just what exotic dancers wear - stripper shoes. A sexy platform sandal with a heel that is 6-10 inches tall. Ankle and Knee high boots have become favoured in recent years - they look very sexy and may offer some degree of ankle support.

They have been refined somewhat over the years to to fit the needs of those who dance at fitness studios.

But essentially the give pole dancers everything they need to make them look sexy and feel fabulous when taking part in a floor work class or spinning around that pole.

There is a huge assortment available. These include platform sandals with 6-10 inch heels, ankle boots, light ups, neon heels, knee length and thigh high boots. Essentially the shoes are made from lucite, a type of acrylic / plastic material. This sticks to the pole. The material moulds to the shape of your foot. They come with or without an ankle strap, although if you are wearing them for pole dance lessons a pair with a strap are advisable.

These sexy shoes elongate the leg, making you look and feel taller and sexier. The sluttiness of these heels can help you feel that you are participating in to something a little mischievous and add to the fun of it.

So what are the ultimate sexy shoes for pole dancers?

Where to Buy?

The leading place to buy pole dancing heels from is an authorised reseller. Visit their online shop or take a look at their store on eBay / Amazon.

If they have a high street store and it’s not too many miles away you can go and try on a few pairs, sadly very few sellers of pole shoes have an actual shop.

To guide your search we have reviewed several online stores (see the links below) and have an article on where to buy pole dance shoes – which is worth a quick look.

We have considered all the reviews of the various online stores you can buy from, we’ve tried and tested their customer service, checked out if they offer free shipping and the returns policy. Brands stocked, sales and clearance sections have been investigated. We bring all this information to you in our shop reviews. 

UK - Flag


Visit FM Shoes - the Best Place to Shop if you are located in the UK / Europe.



Visit the best online store to buy pole shoes if you're located in the US.



Visit Wild Secrets for your Stripper Shoes.

On a Budget? Looking for a Cheap Pair?

If like many, you take a big gulp at the price of pole shoes, fear not there is a way to get them at a cheaper price. 

A selection of Pleaser, Ellie and other brands of Pole Dancing Shoes are available at reduced prices as they are being discontinued or stores need to clear space for new styles. 

Pleaser shoe sales, discount coupons, seasonal sales, clearance shops and cheaper brands are all great ways of getting a bargain. But don’t hang around as they won’t last long at the discounted prices.

Take a look at our article on How to Shop for the Best Cheap Pole Dancing Shoes in 2020.

Beginner? Need help in choosing the right shoes?

Searching for that first pair of shoes for pole fitness classes can be a fun and daunting experience. There are so many beautiful ones out there – but where do you start looking for them online? That’s what our post aimed at beginners explains; we go into details about what style, heel height and platform size to invest in. The guide is aimed at telling how to choose a pair suitable for a beginner.

 >>Read More

So Should I Get Some?

Absolutely, they are gorgeous! In addition to complimenting your outfit they add something to the way you dance. They make floor work and routines a lot more fun! They are addictive too!

The mature, seductive and sensual shoes for pole dancing have added a flamboyant and cheeky nature to the world of fashion for your feet. They have been embellished by the pole dance industry. 

Why not add some variety and spice to your wardrobe? Give your shoe wardrobe a kinky make over today! 

Adding custom crystal decoration and glitter or unique objects in the heel can make yours stand out from the crowd.

Available in a selection of colours such as black, red, white, pink and more you can have some to match every outfit. Clear ones can be particularly glamorous and are often worn by bikini competitors and dancer’s alike.

Whether your’re a stripper or just looking for fun there will be some for you!