Where to Buy Pole Dancing Shoes for Dance Class?

So you are looking to buy shoes for pole fitness session or for that all important performance? But which is the best online store for your needs? Often picking the right retailer is nearly as important as picking the right brand or style.

buy shoes for pole fitness
Pleaser Flamingo.

The short version: your best bet is an online store as very few high street stores stock these delightful shoes. A small number of retailers have brick and mortar stores. But if there isn’t one near you and you don’t want to travel for hours and hours to try on these gloriously sexy shoes you need to buy online.

The best retailers have fair prices, speedy delivery and real-time stock levels. Friendly customer service is an added bonus. A store that stocks a range of brands including Pleaser shoes is quite handy too.

How Resellers Go the Extra Mile?

The best retailers (local, national or international) will deliver your shoes or boots for free and give you the option to return them for free, should they not fit or not simply not be the perfect fit for you.

The cost of the shoes themselves probably won’t differ much between retailers, simply because most price match their competitors. Most retailers at the very minimum sell the Pleaser brand of shoe but many stock other brands such as Hella Heels and Ellie.

Some sellers will offer domestic delivery for free as well as next day delivery. If you don’t want to miss out on free delivery make sure you check the shipping information.

The best sellers will hold many styles in there local (UK, USA European) warehouse. However, not all retailers keep stock locally but order from the manufacturer once you have placed your order, so if you want speedy next day delivery you might have to choose your retailer based on that.

If shoes are stocked locally then domestic delivery should be quite speedy but check the notes about the style of your choice to see if they are available for next day delivery or if they will take up to 10 days or more. Unless you want to get stung for international delivery check the location of the stores warehouse.

Great retailers will have a huge selection of styles and sizes, and offer to order in a pair if you have seen them elsewhere.

If you must have that pair of shoes for sexy flow class or work, but just can’t afford to pay in full today, the best sellers give you the option to pay later for your purchases with services such as Klarna. A service that allows you to split the cost into monthly instalments or pay in full up to 30 days later.

If you need this option it may limit the retailer you need to choose. Some stores allow you to buy with Shoppay and Paypal for a speedier check out process. Great if you know what you want and don’t want to fill in all of your contact details.

Where Can I Buy Pole Dancing Shoes?

We’ve established that there a few popular brands buy picking the retailer that speaks the loudest to you is the first step. It’s important to know about delivery, shipping and the returns policies.

We have tested different online retailers to make sure that you have a smooth purchasing experience from education to payment on your path for beautiful shoes for pole dancing!

The store you choose will probably depend on which country you are located due to shipping costs. Here are our suggestions based on where you’re county. To be updated soon.

Select Your Country
Online Shops To Buy The Best Pole Dancing Shoes From
UK - England

Banana Shoes: Sell the leading brands of sexy shoes for pole for fun, fitness or work. Leading brands including Pleaser. Frequent sales and sales room with up to 60% off.

Amazon UK: Best Prices UK

eBay - UK - Ireland - There are always some great shoes on to buy whether buy it now or auction.

Wear If You Dare - Specialists in pole dancing shoes

Red Carpet Shoes - 100% customer satisfaction & fast worldwide shipping

FM Heels - Free Delivery and Refunds, Top Brands, International delivery, UK Warehouse and showroom

Amazon USA: Best Prices USA

eBay - Great selection of shoes in the buy it now or auction.

Taboo Heel - Great selection of shoes in the buy it now or auction.
ebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in Australia

Shoes of Seduction - ladies fashion and fetish shoes at great prices
ebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in Austria.
ebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in France.
ebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in Germany.
ebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in Italy.
ebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in Switzerland.

Shop Reviews

There are quite a few places you can buy shoes for pole fitness from. Those listed below are our suggestions.

Banana Shoes (UK)

This store has been around for a long time and they boast years of experience in selling sexy shoes. They are one of our favourite stores to buy from. Sales and discount codes are frequent at this store. A great choice for those in the UK / Europe to buy Pleaser shoes for Pole Fitness.

Read more about Banana Shoes in our Review.

FM Heels (UK)

A great store that has has a showroom that you can visit. They boast a large warehouse so often shoes can be dispatched quickly. The live product feed means you can see what is in stock and what will be ordered from a manufacturer. Sells Pleaser shoes.

Read our FM Heels Review.


A great store to check for second hand shoes for pole fitness. Also the perfect place to pick up Pleaser, Ellie and other cheap brands.


If you have prime delivery this can be superb for buying from as often styles are kept in the Amazon warehouse and will be delivered free the next day.

Wear if you dare (UK)

A small store on eBay that are great to buy shoes for pole fitness from if you are located in the UK. Read our Wear if U Dare Review.

Wild Secrets (Australia)

The number one stop for pole fitness shoes if you are located in Australia or New Zealand. Read our review.

Pleaser Retail Store (USA)

The best place for those in the Americas to buy shoes for pole fitness from. You are essentially buying from Pleaser Shoes retail arm and shoes are dispatched direct from the manufacturer. This official store is located on eBay. Read our review of the Pleaser retail store.

What Makes the Best Online Store to Buy Shoes for Pole Fitness From?

If you have been taking part in pole fitness (1) and you want invest in a pair of shoes you will want to know where to buy.

The very best retailers tend to have a history of selling shoes to sexy exotic dancers and strippers. They have great customer service and staff that know about shoes and /or pole dancing for fitness or otherwise.

Ideally they will be an official stockist for Pleaser Shoes, Ellie and or Hella Heels and have a local warehouse in your country. If you are lucky they will offer free domestic delivery and offer international shipping as well.

Customer Service

Customer service isn’t generally the first thing we think of when searching for a pair of shoes but if you do happen to have a problem tracking down that elusive pair it can certainly make a difference if they have a good customer service team.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is usually not included for free when you order, if shopping in the UK it usually costs around £4.00. Depending on where you order from can determine how quickly you receive your goodies. If the company is based in your country and they keep a plentiful stock in their warehouse you can expect them to be dispatched within 24 hours of your order being placed.

Should you require them delivering the next day, this can usually be arranged if you email them or select express delivery at checkout. If the style of shoes is not kept in stock it will need to be shipped from the manufacturer first, so you can expect to receive them within 7-10 days. But do check with the stockist that you are looking at to confirm this.

Nobody expects to have to return a pair of heels, but shoes can be heavy and expensive to return via the post – so if the online store offer free returns and delivery it can make a big difference.

Manufacturer vs Wholesalers

If you happen to be located in the country that the wholesalers is located then in can often be good to cut out the middleman.

So for those located in the USA, you are sorted for Pleasers, but if you live in Europe the shipping costs make the purchase more expensive than buying from an online store located in your country or continent.

Hella Heels can be bought from the wholesalers in the UK and Australia but just watch out for their customer service as it’s operated by an E-Commerce Support and Consultancy firm.

Can I Buy Shoes for Pole Fitness on the High Street?

As there are very few sexy shoe stores that have brick and mortar branches, it’s not very convenient for most of us to buy shoes for pole fitness from an actual store. So online retailers are the best way to buy.

Above you can find the best online stores to buy shoes for pole fitness but if you need some inspiration take a look at our list of top ten pole dancing shoes over on our homepage.