7 Inch Heels – Platforms

7 inch heels - platformDo you want to know where to buy the best 7 inch high heeled platform shoes? If you do, scroll down the page and find out where you can buy your perfect pair of 6 inch platform heeled shoes from.

Make no compromises when choosing 7 inch platform shoes! Whether you fancy a pair of 7 inch heels for pole dancing, pole fitness or just a night out on the lash, these stores will have the perfect pair for you. You can’t go wrong with a pair of 7 inch heels from Pleaser – the ultimate brand when it comes to 7 inch heels with a platform.

Stores That Sell 7 Inch Heels with a Platform

Online Stores Selling 7 Inch Platform Heels
Banana ShoesBanana Shoes
Banana Shoes is a UK based store that sells a
wonderful selection of 7 inch platform heels.
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ebay 6 inch platformseBay
eBay always have a great selection of 7 Inch
Heeled Platforms available at a great price.
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Amazon 6 inch heels platformsAmazon
Amazon often have a great selection of 7 inch
platform heels that you can buy at a discounted price.
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7 inch heels - platform

Whether you want crystal decorated sandals in black patent, stars, rhinestones or slip on mules the stores above will have the perfect pair of 7 inch heels for you!

If you are using your 7 inch platform heels for pole dancing, you will want to invest in a pair with an adjustable ankle strap.

The 7 inch stiletto high heels with front platform offer extreme height, unbeatable stability and super provocative looks. The soles of 7 inch platform heels are extremely comfortable due to the well-balanced difference between front and back and the inner sole black padding.

Use them as stripper shoes in your complex shows or put them to test as pole dance shoes in the next performance. They will become your number one exotic shoes from the first wear!

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