Five of the Best 6 Inch Platform Heels For Pole Fitness in 2023

Are you looking for the best 6 inch platform heels for pole dancing, fun and fitness?

With so many styles, colours and designs it can be hard to know which to choose. We bring you our opinions on the best beautiful 6-6 3/4 inch platform heels from Pleaser and Ellie.

Platform Sandals and Slides Two are just some of the choices available from the biggest names. With amazing shoes from the Pleaser Delight, Kiss, Eclipse, Aspire and Stardust ranges it was a hard choice. Check out the awesome choices below.

To help you purchase only the best 6inch platform shoes for your specific needs, we have selected footwear selected some of the best 6inch platform shoes out there.

Our favourite 6 Inch Platform Heels

Pleaser Aspire 608

An exquisite pair of platform heels with a clear lucite upper and ankle from the Pleaser Aspire range.

- Available in sizes 3-11
- 6" heel and 2 3/4 platform
- range of colours


Pleaser Delight 609

A versatile collection of shoes that's available in colours that include Rose Gold, Black, Red, silver and beige.

- 6" Stiletto Heel and 1 3/4" Platform
- Peep Toe Ankle Strap Sandal
- Available in a wide range of colours

Pleaser Kiss 209

This style has been around for sometime and is a good staple to have in your wardrobe. The original pole dancer shoes with a padded insoel comes in a range of sizes and colours including pink, silver, purple and turquoise among others.

- 6" Spike Heel, 1 3/4" Platform Sandal
- Superb selection of colours

Eclipse 609

Pleaser Eclipse

A unique and original pair of platform sandals from Pleaser that feature a cut-out platform. The Eclispe-609 will stand out in a crowd. Available on patent black.

- 6.5" (16.5 cm) high heels balanced with 1.75" platfrom
- Ankle strap with adjustable buckle fastening.

6 inch platform heels

Pleaser Echolite

An amazing 6" heel with an illuminated platform. Will look fantastic when clubbing or dancing in a darkened studio / competition.

- 6" heel
- 1 3/4" PF LED Illuminated Platform
- Ankle Strap Sandal

Where Can I Buy These Products?

The online stores listed below are our favourites to buy 6 inch high heels from.
Online Stores Selling 6 Inch Platform Heels
ebay 6 inch platformseBay
eBay always have a great selection of 6 Inch
Heeled Platforms available at a great price.
Amazon 6 inch heels platformsAmazon
Amazon often have a great selection of 6 inch
platform heels that you can buy at a discounted price.

Whether you're looking to buy 6 inch heels for pole dancing lessons, a pole dancing competition, burlesque or some fun lap dancing, the stores above make the perfect place to buy 6 inch heels with platforms from.

Whether you're based in the UK, America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand, there will be a shop listed above that you will be able to purchase your 6 inch heel platforms from.


How much height do 6 inch heels add?

This depends upon whether you have a platform sole or not. If you have no sole the height added will be 6 inches. If the shoes has a platform you need to subtract the height of the platform sole from the heel height.

How do you walk in 6 inch heels?

Shoes with a 6" heel on our site have a platform at the front. This makes the shoe much easier to walk in as the actual heel height is about 4 inches. If you are not used to high heels you might want to practice before you rock up to sexy flow class in them but most find this style of shoes very stable and comfortale to wal, dancve and climb in.

Overall Review

In the world of pole dancing whether for fun or fitness the perfect way to top of your outfit is with a pair of pole dancing shoes. Today there are many different heel heights you can choose from but a good entry level height is a 6 inch platform heel. Whether you prefer a shoe or a boot we have picked the best of the bunch and highlighted them above.

If you have a question about where to buy 6 inch heels with platforms? Then look no further as we reveal the best places online to buy 6 inch platform heels!

Whether you're after sparkly or plain, metallic or nude, see-through or opaque, the 6 inch dancing shoes are the perfect marriage between the platform shoes and the stiletto high heels. Available in a variety of models, 6 inch platform heels make perfect stripper shoes and they make great pole dancing shoes, as they offer the necessary foot elevation without sacrificing stability and comfort. Want to learn about the history of the high heel? Take a look at the clip in our referenec (1)?