6 Inch Heels – Platforms

6 inch heels - platformsIf you have a question about where to buy 6 inch heels with platforms? Then look no further as we reveal the best places online to buy 6 inch platform shoes!

Whether you’re after sparkly or plain, metallic or nude, see-through or opaque, the 6 inch dancing shoes are the perfect marriage between the platform shoes and the stiletto high heels. Available in a variety of models, 6 inch exotic shoes make perfect stripper shoes and they make great pole dance shoes, as they offer the necessary foot elevation without sacrificing stability and comfort.

A Few of Our Favourite 6 Inch Heeled Platforms
These beautiful 6 inch heels with platforms are available to buy at Banana Shoes.

Online Stores Selling 6 Inch Platform Heels
Banana ShoesBanana Shoes
Banana Shoes is a UK based store that sells a
wonderful selection of 6 inch platform heels.
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ebay 6 inch platformseBay
eBay always have a great selection of 6 Inch
Heeled Platforms available at a great price.
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Amazon 6 inch heels platformsAmazon
Amazon often have a great selection of 6 inch
platform heels that you can buy at a discounted price.
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Whether you’re looking to buy 6 inch heels for pole dancing lessons, a pole dancing competition, burlesque or some fun lap dancing, the stores above make the perfect place to buy 6 inch heels with platforms from.

Whether you’re based in the UK, America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand, there will be a shop listed above that you will be able to purchase your 6 inch heel platforms from.

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