The Best Pole Dancing Shoes For Wide Feet

If you have wide feet you will be well aware of how hard it is to buy a pair of shoes, never mind pole dancing shoes that are comfortable. Wearing pole dancing shoes too narrow for your feet can be painful and uncomfortable. If you wear tight pole shoes a lot it can lead to a number of unpleasant conditions such as corns and calluses and even worsen existing conditions such as bunions. 

The good news is that some brands have created platform heels specifically for those with wider feet and there are a few tips you can bare in mind when buying pole shoes that will fit your wider feet. 

best pole dancing shoes for wide feet that are happy

Our Top Picks For The Most Comfortable Pole Dancing Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023


1. Pleaser Naughty 808

pleaser nuaghty 808 for wide feet
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2. Pleaser Naughty 809

pleaser naughty 809 for wide feet
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3. Pleaser Passion 708


pleaser comfrt fit shes for wider feet
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4. Pleaser Passion 709

Pleaser comfort fit passion 709
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Platform Shoes Designed With Polers With Wide Feet In Mind

Buying regular shoes and platform shoes for pole dancing can be a lot about trial and error but some brands have created comfort ranges that are suitable for those polers with wider feet. 

Brands such as Pleaser have designed comfortable-fit shoes that have a footbed that is approximately 5% wider than their standard width.

We have selected some of the best of these above.


How To Pick Platform Heels Suitable For Wider Feet

We have another post specifically on this topic but here’s a quick overview. 

If you can’t find any pole shoes specially designed for wider feet there are a few things you can look out for in normal platform heels & stripper shoes. These include looking for shoes

  • With a wide toe box that doesn’t confine the toes. You can also select
  • Made out of leather – these tend to be softer and will stretch over time allowing space and comfort for wider feet
  • Size up – when picking sexy shoes not designed with the poler with wide feet in mind consider buying a bigger size. Size up by 1 or even 2 sizes in closed-toe shoes. 
  • With a closed-toe – eg boots and platform shoes.

What To Avoid When Looking For Pole Shoes For Wider Feet

When buying pole dancing shoes for wider feet try to avoid platform shoes with a pointy-toe design as these are really not suitable for those with wider feet. Also, avoid open-toe shoes that allow your feet to spill out over the footbed; These will be both uncomfortable and unsightly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about buying pole dancing shoes for wide feet.

Do Pole Dancing Shoes Come In A Wide Width? 

In general, pole dancing shoes do not come in a wide fitting. They only come in one width. However, PLeaser shoes do a comfort range that is suitable for those with wider feet.

What Brand Has The Most Comfortable High Heels?

Pleaser shoes are often suggested as being better for those with wider feet.

Should Wide Feet Size Up In Heels?

Yes, when buying pole dancing shoes, with a closed-toe box,  not designed for those with wide feet then buy pole shoes that are one or two sizes bigger.

Do Pleasers Fit Wide Feet?

Pleaser shoes have a range of platform shoes designed for those with wider feet in mind. Their comfort range is suggested as being best for those with wider feet. Otherwise, just like with other brands buy shoes that are a size or two bigger.

Do Hella Heels Fot Wide Feet?

Hella Heels tend to fit those with narrow feet best. Many reviews comment that most Hella Heels styles run narrow but Blaq Kicks have been suggested by one reviewer as being great for those with wider feet. If you do have wider feet then just like with other brands size up. 


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