Best Pole Dance Shoes for Beginners 2020

Pole Dance Shoes


You've been to your first pole dancing class and you are hooked! You want to dress the part and your first purchase is going to be a pair of exotic pole dance shoes! But you have a few questions as it's your first time buying these incredible shoes sometimes referred to as stripper heels.

All students are excited about getting their first pair but often need a bit of help when making their first purchase so we have all the answers to those questions that all newbies have. If you're ready to slip into your first pair of sexy pole dancing heels we have all the advise you will need.

The first 'baby' steps in a pair of heels is breathtaking, will you be able to make it to the pole, will you fall flat on your face, will you twist an ankle. Of course that never (well almost never :-)) happens, your first steps will be mesmerising and you will never forget them. But you will of course be spinning around the pole and hanging upside down in them before you know it.

Finding the right pole shoes means you'll be more comfortable as you start you training, which means you'll be more likely to keep wearing them. That's where the best pole shoes for beginners come in.

There isn’t one shoe that’s right for every dancer. What makes the best shoe for you depends on a few things, including your foot shape, price, design and colour. The variables mean that the best shoes for you won't necessarily be the best for someone else.

What makes a shoe work for you is dependent on many factors, including your foot shape, weight and experience level (among many others). All of those variables mean the best shoes for you are different than the best shoes for someone else.

If you're new to pole fitness / dancing, it can be hard to know what you need to look for in a pair of sexy platform heels. To give you a place to start, here are the best pole dancing shoes for beginners:

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Best Pleaser Shoes for Beginners

Pleaser Kiss-209

Kiss 209 black Price: $$

These Sensous, Sexy, Wild shoes are from the Pleaser brand of footwear. They features a superbly padded insole for added comfort. The durable, skid-resitant rubber outsoles will help to keep you upright. The innovative designs & fine materials are some of the key features that set shoes made by Pleaser USA apart from others.

They have a buckle to help keep them on your feet. The 15cm (6inch) heel is the perfect height for beginners.

What are the they made from?
Outer Material: Synthetic
Inner Material: Manmade
Sole: Manmade

Pleaser Delight-609

delight-609-brogldch These delightful shoes again by Pleaser are perfect for those new to dancing around a pole in high heel platform shoes. They have a 6 inch heel, a pretty standard heel size for those new to pole.

These beauties also come in a range of colours including sliver, patent black, clear, black patent rose gold and rose gold and chrome. Pick a pair that matches you outfit.

Price: $$

Pleaser Kiss 209 - Best Red Ones

Pleaser Kiss 209 red A super special pair of red ones. I'm in love.

The 6"(152mm) Heel and 1 3/4"(44mm) Platform with Ankle Strap are just perfect.

Pick them up on eBay today.....

Best Cheap Pole Shoes for Beginners

Clear Pole Dancing Glitter High Platform Sandals

Cheap pole shoes for beginners These Clear Pole Dancing Glitter High Platform Sandals Perspex Heels come in a range of colours and styles.

We recommend that if you plan to go upside down that you invest in a pair with a buckle and strap, to prevent them flying off over your head.

These heels are just under £20 - so perfect if you don't want to splash out on a pair of Pleasers. Great for beginners and if they are just going to get bashed and banged who wants to shell out on a pair that cost £50 to a £100? Not me that's for certain.

At the time of writing 140 pairs of these shoes have been sold and the seller gets very positive reviews. The seller offers free postage and returns via Royal Mail. These shoes will elongate your limbs with the high platform heel style and the rubberised sole will giver you some grip and stability as you spin around the pole.

They have a 6 inch heel with a a 5cm platform so they are a great height for newbies.

Price $

Best Platform Boots for the Novice

Pleaser Delight 1020

delight-1020-b A great entry pair of shoes featuring a 6" (15.2cm) Stiletto Heel and 1 3/4" (4.5cm) Platform. These Lace-Up Ankle Boots have a Full Inner Side Zipper.

Brand: Pleaser
Price: $$$

Best Extreme Platform Heels for Beginners

Pleaser FLAMINGO-1020LP

flamingo-1020lp-bnbIncredible 8 inch heel with a 4 inch platform.

These Lace-up Front Ankle Boot with Leopard Print have an inside zip closure so you can get them on easily.

FAQ: Questions Frequently Asked by those New To Pole Fitness and Dancing

Here are all those helpful hints and tips we promised.

Best Brand for Newbies?

In our opinion the best brand for anyone to buy are PLeaser. They are the industries favourites although Hella Heel might be good for anyone in the UK / Australia due to shipping costs.

What heel Height Should I Buy?

The Most Popular Heel Height of Shoes bought for pole dancing are 6 Inch Heels or 7 Inch Heels Whilst that might sound a bit scary at first, it isn't really. The incline isn't so bad when you consider that there is a platform under the sole at the front of the shoes, making the heel height minimal really. You might normally dislike a 4 inch heel, but that's because their is no platform under the sole. Once you are confident in the 6inch you'll be investing in some 7, 8 or even 9 inch heels.

What should the Sole be Made From

If your spinning around a pole and you don;t want to end up on your bum (unintentionally) it's probably wise to look out for a pair of platform heels with a rubberised sole for grip and stability.

Sandals or Boots?

That's a tough one, why not buy both? Strappy sandals make your legs look long and you can reveal your pointed toes highlighting your lovely dancer lines. But if you want to add ankle support and get some grip from your footwear then boots are the way to go. They will protect your toes and they look super hot with a pair of shorts. This has to be a personal choice but maybe get both?

Do I need to Buy Platform Shoes?

No you can waer bare feet, but sexy high heels with a platform help your dancing in so many ways. Firstly they look hot!, But they also help you build strength (the extra weight on your feet when walking and inverting will do wonders for your strength). Flexibility, balance and strength will all be helped by doning a pair of sexy platform shoes.

The platform makes them easy to walk in and you can think of them as super sexy ankle weights. Plus they will make you look hot with legs that go on for miles and miles.