Best Pole Dance Shoes for Beginners

Pole Dance Shoes for beginners

You’ve been to your first pole dancing class and you are hooked! You want to dress the part and your first purchase is going to be a pair of exotic pole dance shoes! But you have a few questions as it’s your first time buying these incredible high stilettos.

All students are excited about getting their first pair but often need a bit of help when making their first purchase so we have all the answers to those questions that all newbies have. If you’re ready to slip into your first pair of sexy pole dancing heels we have all the advise you will need.

The first ‘baby’ steps in a pair of heels is breathtaking, will you be able to make it to the pole, will you fall flat on your face, will you twist an ankle. Of course that never (well almost never) happen, your first steps will be mesmerising and you will never forget them. But you will of course be spinning around the pole and hanging upside down in them before you know it.

Here are all those helpful hints and tips we promised. There are also a few links to places that you can buy some of out favourite sky high stilettos from the number one brand, Pleaser.

What heel Height Should I Buy?

Six inches! Whilst 6″ sounds a bit scary, but trust us the incline ins’t so bad when you consider that their is a platform under the sole at the front of the shoes, making the heel height minimal really. You might normally dislike a 4 inch heel, but that’s because their is no platform under the sole. Once you are confident in the 6inch you’ll be investing in some 7, 8 or even 9 inch heels.

Sandals or Boots?

That’s a tough one, why not buy both? Strappy sandals make your legs look long and you can reveal your pointed toes highlighting your lovely dancer lines.

But if you want to add ankle support and get some grip from your footwear then boots are the way to go. They will protect your toes and they look super hot with a pair of shorts.

This has to be a personal choice but maybe get both?

Do I need to Buy Platform Shoes?

No you can waer bare feet, but sexy high heels with a platform help your dancing in so many ways. Firstly they look hot!, But they also help you build strength (the extra weight on your feet when walking and inverting will do wonders for your strength). Flexibility, balance and strength will all be helped by doning a pair of sexy platform shoes.

The platform makes them easy to walk in and you can think of them as super sexy ankle weights. Plus they will make you look hot with legs that go on for miles and miles.

Three of our Favourites

1. Black Platform Sandals.
Black is a girls best friend. They go with everything! Patent shoes are sticky so will help you stick to the pole a little bit.

2. Bronze Glitter
Just a little bit different from all the others you will see at the studio. Awesome semi-circle cut out of the sole.

3. Classic Clear Stripper Shoes
Add height with shoes that will look invisible. Clear heels are simply a classic, everyone should have a pair of these in their collection.

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