FM Heels Review – Stockists of Pleaser Shoes and Pole Wear

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FM Heels Overview

We found a new retailer, of Pleaser Shoes – FM Heels. They not only have an online store and UK warehouse but they also an in-store display that you can visit.

The FM heels website was launched in 2016 primarily to advertise sexy shoes for pole dancing as well as pole wear. They didn’t just arrive on the scene though, the owners have a history in the world of alternative shoes as FM heels was originally launched back in 2015 when the had an international relationship with Pleaser Shoes. FM heels is not only a stockist of top brands of shoes/boots and pole wear such as Creatures of XIX, Cleo the Hurricane, Dew Point Pole, X-Pole, Pleaser Shoes but they also have there own range of boots and dance / pole wear.

More information about FM Heels

Delivery and Returns

This is an online seller of Pleaser shoes with a difference, they have a UK warehouse and keep some styles in stock meaning that if they have them in stock you will be able to get the pair you have your eyes on quite quickly, within a few days. They keep hundreds of pairs of Pleasers in there UK warehouse which are available for DHL Next Day Delivery, so that means if you just can’t wait you can have them in no time at all.

But as they don’t keep every pair of Pleaser shoes in stock with in the UK, you may have to wait 7-10 days to get some styles and size but as they order from Pleaser USA twice or three times a week, you won;t have to wait that long for your dream pair.

Standard UK delivery is free, but you can also select at check out to have them delivered by other means for a small fee.

They also ship to Europe and the rest of the world for a small fee.

There website lets you know if you can have your item immediately or it has to be ordered from a stockists as there stock systems are linked to our suppliers around the world to ensure that whatever you order from us is available from the manufactured and can be shipped to the UK quickly so that we can complete your order in a timely a manor as possible.

List of top brands shoes and dance / pole wear

They are stockists of some of the best brands of pole wear such as Cleo the Hurricane, Creatures of Pole, Pink Lipstick, Fever Lingerie, Pamela Mann, Leg Avenue, HL Designes and FM Heels own brand of clothing.

When it comes to shoes & boots they mainly promote Pleaser Shoes brands such as Pleaser Day & Night, Devious, Demonia, Pin Up Couture, Funtasma, Fabulicious, Bordello and now also their new Pink Label collection. They also sell there own range of boots – FM Heels pole shoes.

They also sell Dew Pointe.

How to place an order

Ordering from FM Heels is quick, simple and easy and secure. Simple find your dream pair of shoes, boots or that sexy pole wear, select your size and pop it in your basket. They click on the basket and you will be led through the process of ordering your item(s). There website is secured by SSL technology which encrypts all data so you can buy in knowledge that your data will be kept safe and secure.

Can you get Next Day Delivery?

Yes, if items are available from there website you can get items delivered DHL Express, so the item will be shipped the next or you can collect in person if you are near Leicester.

Payment methods

At the time of writing on there website they accept Paypal, Debit and Credit cards, unlike some other online stores they don’t offer any way for you to pay by other means or via services that allow you to pay with a credit service.

However if you order via there eBay store you can use Paypal credit to pay. Meaning that if your cards are maxed out you can buy now pay later if you must have those sexy platform heels for dance class tomorrow.

Are shoes/boots / pole wear kept in stock?

They have a UK warehouse and keep around 300 – 500 pairs of Pleasers in stock. But as there are over 45,000 styles, sizes & colours available it is probably not logical to keep all of those in stock in the UK warehouse. everything.

Is there a discount / promo code?

We haven’t come across any reliable discount or promotional codes yet – but if we do, we will be sure to let you know about them. Some stores give you a discount code when you open an account with them, but sadly this store isn’t one of them.

Do they sell cheap Pleaser Shoes?

Most online stockists have competitive pricing in place, and Pleaser shoes whilst they look like they cost the earth are actually quite well priced as they as so well made. However you can find seconds’s and clearance shoes on sale on there eBay.

Overall Review

FM heels have a lot going for them. They have a full inventory of Pleaser shoes available for you to choose from, with many styles and sizes held in the UK meaning that you can get many of them on next day delivery if you should wish. They can tell you if the style of your choice is out of stock in the UK and the USA immediately so you can pick another pair straight away. It won’t take days for them to tell you.

Customer service is brilliant, the staff are experienced and knowledgeable. Some online stores are using e-commerce companies to distribute stock, FH heels are not one of them, so you won;t be dealing with a customer service team working with many different companies at the same – so you get the personal touch. Which we like.

The store is your Best Choice For Pleaser Shoes, as they have all the popular styles in UK stock as well as all the latest styles and colours.. They offer a fast UK, European & Worldwide delivery service.

We’ve bought from FM heels twice and the service on both occasions has been spot on. The delivery was super quick, unlike other online stores we have tried purchasing from we had no stock issues and the shoes were awesome. We would definitely recommend them!

One of the pairs we bought were too big for me so we called up, and sent them back and the replacement pair  arrived within a week. The customer service team couldn’t have been more helpful.

The store is run by lovely people who will do what ever they can to help you! Great work guys! We’ll be returning soon to buy more from you.

Why not make FM heels your number 1 stop for amazing high heels, boots & clubwear? With over thousands of designs in stock you won;t be left waiting for long before your new goodies arrive.

We recommended FM Heels online store to buy Pleaser from if you are located in the UK and / or Europe.