Wear If U Dare Review
Should I Buy My Pleaser Pole Dancing Shoes from This Store?


Wear if U Dare Overview

Wear If U Dare is a little shop on ebay that get’s a positive feedback rating of 99.7%. You can’t get much better than that, can you? They’re based in United Kingdom, and have been an eBay member since 20 Dec, 2006.

They’re upfront about which shoes they have in stock and which are available for pre-order. This is great as a number of stores that we have come across are not up front about this information.

When you start looking at Wear If U Dare’s stock you can see straight away which shoes you can get in a couple of days or if you’ll have to wait a week or two. This makes planning your purchase much easier. saving you time. Like buying any Pleaser shoes, you may have to wait a short while because Pleaser are based in the USA and most UK sellers don;t keep a huge stock in store.


Delivery is free within the UK, but as they only keep a small number of shoes in stock you may have to wait a short while. Shoes & boots not kept in stock will be with you within 7-14 days. Most items in there store say that delivery will be in about 10 days.


As they are a shop on eBay you can make payments with Paypal and take advantage of Paypal credit if you don’t happen to have the funds for your sexy shoes today.

Customer Service

Should you need any help or advice you can contact the team via eBay’s contact button.

What they Sell

They sell shoes, to be more precise Pleaser shoes and boots suitable for pole dancing, Gothic footwear……and ankle detachable straps so you can instantly transform a slip on shoe into an ankle strap sandal.

PLeaser Flamingo 831

Shipping and Returns

Shipping to addresses within the UK is free and they offer 30 day returns, but the buyer needs to pay for returning the item. If you want express delivery then there is a fee for this. Those located outside the UK will need to pay postage, the cost depends on where you are located, you may also be subject to import charges again depending on your loaction.

This store is perfect for those located in the UK. If you are in Europe or elsewhere in the world and are looking for products made by Pleaser maybe check out buying from another store.

Overall Review

The only thing that lets this store down is that they don’t hold much stock in the UK, so you may have to wait a week for your sexy heels, however this isn’t too dissimilar to many other stores selling Pleaser’s but this is sweetened slightly by free delivery to UK customers. Although should you not be too happy with your heels or the size isn’t quite right you will need to send them back at your own expense. A good online store, selling via eBay that are worth a look at.