Pleaser Shoes Review

Pleaser Shoes based in Southern California they have pioneered the footwear industry. Since opening their doors in 1983 they have become the leading producer of sexy and alternative footwear in the world. The global leaders. They cater for different subcultures with a number of powerful brand names including Pleaser, Demonia, and Funtasma to name a few. Our site is focused on those shoes Pleaser creates for pole fitness - their sexy shoes brand, simply named Pleaser.

Pleaser USA inc have created 8 incredible named brand aimed at different groups of people. Find our more about them below.
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Pleaser - The Sexy Shoe Brand

Iconic sexy shoes that are fun and evocative. The outstanding craftsmanship that is put into this brand means they are solid and long lasting. Bold and creative designs ensure that there is something for everyone.

They are Sensuous, Sexy & Wild. The huge range of colours, shiny, sparkly or matte finishes will leave you in a brain fussle as you try to decide which pair to buy next. This collection of sexy shoes are the brand that all others are judged by - and few others come close. The unmatched success and reputation comes from the attention to detail, great materials, skilled craftsmanship and incredible selection at superb prices. They are loved by performers and novices alike.
There are so many designs with attractive names such as Adore, Allure, Bejewelled, Beyond, Bondgirl, Delight, Esteem. Flamingo, Flashdance, Illuminator, Infinity, Kiss and Sky.

Whether you fancy platform sandals or ankle, knee or thigh high boots there is the perfect pair for your taste.

Within this brand are a selection of shoes that have been created with those that take pole fitness classes in mind.



A range consisting of sandals, sneakers, Mary Janes and Creepers is aimed at those who like nonconforming and alternative footwear. They are unapologetically defiant and revels in and defines the alternative lifestyle.


This themed collection of shoes are perfect for Halloween and other sexy costumes. They are devilishly fun and mischievously playful. These are superb for any holiday outfit.



The party shoe collection. Vibrant colours, luxurious fabrics and dazzling rhinestones, will effortlessly add glitz and glamour to your outfit. Choose from slides, platforms, pumps, D'orsay, ankle and knee high boots.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Sadly this is one brand that you can't buy direct from the manurfacturer. So where should you look to buy any of the products from Pleaser? Fear not we have searched and found the best online stores to buy these shoes from whether you live in the USA, UK, Australia or Europe.


For those of you who are located in America you can get FREE Shipping direct from Pleaser. This is great news! Choose from the great selection of styles in the Pleaser Retail Store located on eBay. If you are located elsewhere in the world you are better off using the online store below....Double check the returns policy based on your exact location.

UK - Flag

UK / Europe

There are a number of online stores in the UK that have warehouses full of Pleaser shoes. This is great news are you only have to wait for them to arrive from the USA if your choice of product isn't in stock. We Recommended FM Heels if you are buying in the UK as they have the biggest stock in their warehouse, free shipping is offered and returns are accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pleaser Shoes on Sale

If you want to get a pair of cheap Pleaser shoes then look for the designs that are on clearance. Most shops listed above have a dedicated area of their site which is just for end of line products or are overstock. You can usually get them at lower prices. However, the number of these are limited and are obviously a sort after bargain.

Another way to land a bargain is to look out for Pleaser shoes discount codes and coupons. When some are released we'll post them below.

Are Pleaser shoes comfortable?

So you have been considering a pair for some time now, but given the price you're worried to invest in a pair.....but you are worried that they are going to hurt you're feet after ten minutes of dancing around your pole to your favourite song in the world??

They are so comfortable, even when you are dancing for a while in class. But to ensure that they as comfortable as possible ensure that you buy the correct size. If you have a square feet buy some with a round toe, if you have long slender feet buy a shorter heel. Also make sure that you practice walking in them, where them little and often to start with. After all practice makes perfect.

Why do pole dancers where Pleaser?

These are much sort after because they are comfortable, sturdy, well made, long lasting, hard wearing - these are all the reasons I love Pleaser. They are worth the money! Just ask the girls in your dance class!

How to stretch them

We actually have a blog post just on this topic....take a look here.

How to clean them and protect them from Scuffs and Scrapes?

Again we wrote a post on this a short while back.. take a look now.

Overall Review

Pleaser Shoes produce sexy footwear under many different brand names. Pleaser, Pleaser Day and Night, Bordello, Pin Up Couture, Funtasma, Devious and Luscious. Each comprise a huge collection of sexy, glam, retro, rockabilly, fetish, gothic, punk, and renaissance footwear. Each is suited to different sports, activities and personalities.

Pleaser is the most comfortable pole dancing shoe that you will ever wear. The quality is simply devine, a quality that others can only strive for. You will not be disappointed. The styles and designs are extraordinary. The most sort after design are the tip jar range, where there is a slot to place notes or coins into.

If you're looking for ankle strap sandals, ankle boots with high heels, platform sandals with free shipping look no further than the suppliers above.