Best 3 Baby Pink Platform Heels (Reviewed) in 2020

Best Choice

Pleaser Women's Flamingo-809HG Sandals

Best Value

709 glitter
Ellie Shoes - 709 Blossom

Premium Pick

Pleaser Women's Flamingo-1020 Ankle-high Boot
Add a new pair of shoes to your footwear collection with these fabulous baby pink platform heels for pole dancing and partying. Pale pink heels will give your outfit a boost, whether you're wearing them for a photo shoot, competition, sexy floor work or just a night out. They are just a little bit different from your regular pole dancing shoes. We've compiled a list of the best available in 2020. Take a look below.

Featured Baby Pink Platform Shoes in 2020


#1. Pleaser Women's Flamingo-809HG Sandals

We are totally in love with the Flamingo-809 sandal in pink. It's reflective colour looks amazing on the feet as you twirl around the pole especially when it catches the light. This style also comes in rose gold and silver.

#2. Pleaser Flamingo-1020 Boots

These baby pink 8 inch platform heels are simply stunning, they complement black pole clothes and look simply devine to the wearer and onlookers. The heels come with a lace up front and and inside zip closure. Will add grip and stability to any workout or dance routine.

#3. Pleaser Women's Aspire-609 Ankle-Strap Sandal

The Aspire-609 would be a great addition to any pole dancing bag or wardrobe. The 6 inch heel is often said to be the perfect height for beginners.
There is an amazing selection to choose from. We have added our favourites in the list above. We will keep adding to the list as we find more awesome platform shoes in available in this amazing colour hue.

Order a pair of these high heels today and transform your outfit and twirl around the pole with the confidence gained from having a new pair.

When buying a pair of these heels in this amazing colour it is always a good idea to look out for stores that offer free shipping.

They are perfect for pole dancing and performing. They come in a variety of styles and heel sizes. If you are a beginner or are looking to train in heels then choose a pair with an ankle strap so that it keeps the foot securely in place. Styles with an open toe are extremely flattering.