The Best Platform Shoes Protectors
Protect your Pleaser Heels and Boots

Whether you’re having a little play at home or a full on training session you’ll need a good pair of platform shoe protectors to keep your sexy heels free from scuffs and scratches. After spinning, twirling, pirouetting and climbing a range of poles we choose the xxx as the best protectors.

After you spent what came seem like a fortune on a pair of pole dancing shoes whether they are Pleaser, Hella Heels, Ellie or another brand the last thing you want to do is scuff and scratch them when training so why not invest in a pair of platform shoe protectors?

Our Reviews of the Top Rated Products in 2020

Best for those in the UK / Europe

Wink Pleaser Protectors

Wink Reversible Pleaser Platform Shoe Protectors (various colours)

These high quality, practical and reversible protectors come in a range of colours and designs.

Perfect for protecting your exotic platform shoes and as they come in 2 reversible colours you can get one pair to match two pairs of your shoes. They are made from high quality lycra and can be folded to fit all heel heights.

These are great for those of us in the UK or Europe, in terms of shipping and import costs.

At the time of writing these are £15 and £1.99 delivery.

Rose andThorn Custom Reversible 6-8″ Protectors

Rose andthornThese reversible 6-8″ protectors are made especially for Pleaser/exotic platform shoes are custom, made to order just to your specifications. We found them on eBay UK and the brilliant thing is that you can choose your favourite two colours, one plain colour and one patterned. This is superb because you can change your protectors based on your mood or outfit.

These beautiful protectors made by Rose and Thorn are made from Scuba Jersey and Lycra Materials. These are perfect to keep your shoes protected from wear and tear either during floor work or when you’re on the pole.

If you want to add colour and patterns to your shoes for a new look these are the perfect investment.

As standard they fit 7-8 inch platforms, but if you message the seller they can be made to fit platforms that are 6inch or even 9-10 inch.

At the time of writing these are £13.50 and £1.50 delivery. But if you buy two pairs you can apply a multibuy discount.

platform shoe protectors

Platform Protector Sox

These beautiful handmade Platform Protector Sox, save your pole shoes from scuffs and scrapes!

The fabric fits snugly over your platform cushioning your shoes and protecting them from the damage as you perform your floor routines, the Lycra fabric provides slide and style as you clack your way across the floor! Simply slide this fabric sleeve over the platform of your favourite shoes and start dancing!

As they are available in a range of colours you can get them to match both your outfit and your shoes.

Best for Australians


Luna Sole savioursThese double layered, scuba knit Pole Protectors are made to save your sole and prevent scuffing to your Pleasers. Made in Australia by (wo)men. They are one size fits MOST, generally being a best fit for a size 6 – 10 (AU/US Sizing).The shine on these gorgeous blue shimmer iridescent protectors is amazing.

What are they?

Quite simply they are small pieces of material, often made from quality Lycra fabric designed to protect the platform area of the shoe from scratches and scrapes.

Most designs are simply a fabric tube that goes onto the platform of the shoe. The sole is left open, so the grip is still there. They help to keep your shoes looking pretty for longer. The amazing thing is that they are available in a range of colours and designs to match the rest of your outfit.

If you don;t want to shell out on a pair, you can wear socks, but then you lose the grip of the platform sole.

When buying just make sure that they are big enough to fit the height of your platform. It doesn’t matter if they are too deep as you can fold them over.

Why Use Them?

Well, it’s very easy for our beautiful exotic platform shoes to take a bit of battering when they are used for practice. And lets face it they don’t cost pennies. They are quite an investment so we don’t want to shell out for them just to get battered and bruised when we slam them down on the floor, scrape them when we drag walk them around the pole etc etc. There is only so much glittery nail varnish and Sharpie you can try and cover up the scrapes with.

Will the get Damaged?

Yep, it’s probably wise to order a few pairs at the same time as they are designed to take the damage instead of your shoes. They are going to get damaged during use, but better the protector than expensive precious pole shoes!

Where to Buy Them?

There are a number of online stores that you can buy these from. Etsy, Amazon and eBay. All for a pretty reasonable price. But if you don’t want to buy them, you could of course make your own diy shoe protectors.

Alternative Names

Pole panties, platform shoe protectors, platform protector sox, exotic heel protectors, Pleaser shoe protectors are just a few of the names that these delightful shoe covers go by.

Should you need a new pair of sexy heels to go with the protectors take a look at our list of the best pole dancing shoes