How To Stretch you Pleaser Shoes

This post reveals how you can stretch your Pleaser shoes if they are coming up a bit too small, but the next size up would be too small.
Stretch pole shoes
So you bought your first pair of Pleaser shoes and you are totally in love with them but they rub a little. The girls in class have told you to stretch them a bit but you just need a but of help remembering how they told you to do it. It’s simple enough, all you will need is a pair of socks and a hair dryer.

Pleaser shoes are made from plastic so if heated they will stretch a little. So first pop on your socks (Wear thick wool socks for the maximum amount of stretching), plug in your hair dryer and blast both shoes all over with dryer on maximum heat for 20-30 seconds. Pop your feet in, and then blast the shoes for 20-30 seconds intervals in any areas that feel a bit tight. Once the shoes feel roomy enough walk around the room whilst they cool. Once cool, they should be the perfect fit. Take of the shoes, then remove your socks and pop the high heel shoes back on. You should find that they are the perfect fit.

With no more rubbing from your amazing Pleaser shoes you will be able to dance around the pole, podium or even walk around town for the night without getting any sore spots on your feet from the Pleaser heels being too tight.

Of course if you don’t want to heat your shoes with the hair dryer (although this is a very popular methods used in pole studios around the world) you can buy a Shoe Stretcher from Amazon. They range in price from a couple of pounds to £12. You can use them again and again so they won;t be a waste of money. You’ll be able to use it for years to come. It’s a useful gadget for everyone to own if you don;t want to go through the hassle of heating your shoes.

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