10 Best Pleaser Pole Shoes (Reviewed) in 2020



A delightful ankle boot available in a range of colours



A sexy platform ankle strap sandal.

So you have been pole dancing for a while? You’ve bought some branded clothes and now it’s time to buy some super sexy platform shoes. You know which brands you want as your instructor has told which are the best. However not all of the styles are suitable for spinning, climbing and inverting in. For example some do not have an ankle strap, which would be just a disaster if you inverted and they flew across the room hitting your fellow student in the face. With that said, every pair on this list was carefully researched to help you pick one of the best Pleaser shoes. 

Best Pleaser Shoes for Pole Dance

#1. Adore-1020


Key Features

A simply stunning pair of super hot boots by Pleaser Shoes.  These are one of the best in the collection and they are favourite around the world.  One of the things about the Pleaser Adore-1020 boot is how comfortable they are to walk in. They are an ankle boot style that features a lace up front with a zipper on the inside so you can pull them on with ease. The 7 inch heel and 2 3/4 inch platform are easy to walk in. The patent finish on the boot shown above will stick to the pole and act as a little cheat when you are climbing 🙂  Free shipping is available from our recommended retailers.

#2. Adore-709


Key Features

We know how great the Adore-1020 is but there is a sexy sandal from the same range – and we love it.  It is the Adore-709. Unlike their predecessor they are an ankle strap platform sandal with a rainbow hologram upper and black platform.  Although this style does comes in a range of colours so you can match them to your outfit. They feature a 7 inch heel and 2 3/4 inch platform making a walkable heel of 4 1/4 inches which is great for stability and ease of maneuverability.  Another amazing pair of Pleaser shoes. They are a dream to dance in. Super Hot Dancing Sandals!

#3. Delight-608


Key Features

Say hello to a good staple from Pleaser shoes range. This open toe sandal with a black (jelly-like) TPU faux leather upper. Black goes with everything. If you are in need of a pair that will go with everything these are them. The height of the heel isn’t scary to beginners but it’s not so short that it will look out of place in a sexy flow class.  The craftsmanship will ensure that it is durable and stylish. The upper is not slippy so you will have a helping hand when you scale to the top of the pole. We found they were amazing to dance in.

Pleaser Shoe Buying Guide and FAQ

Features To Look For When Buying Pole Shoes from Pleaser.

Pleaser shoes are one of the most sort after brands for professional performer and fans of this style of fitness. If you want to know more about this delightful brand then take a look at our Pleaser Shoe Review.  When selecting footwear from Pleaser bear these things in mind if you decide to look for a different pair to those listed above.

Heels: Pleaser shoes come in a range of sizes anywhere between 3 and 9 inches. The most popular heel height opted for are 6, 7 or 8 inches. Anything taller and they are not recommended for dancing in, any shorter and they don't have the desired effect. Newbies tend to opt for 6", but don;t be scared of the height as the hidden platform which is usually around 1.5 inches makes a 6" heel actually just 3.5" high - sounds much more appealing doesn't it?

Platform: Ensure you get a style with one of these, so that it decreases the height, making the shoes much more comfortable to walk in.

Ankle Strap: If you plan to twirl, spin, climb and invert in your platform sandals make sure that they have an ankle strap or invest in a pair of detachable ankle straps. These are essential to prevent the shoe coming of mid-air.

Style Opt for a platform sandal or a boot - either ankle, knee or thigh high.

Product Choose a product from the PLeaser Pole Fitness Range which includes the following styles - Adore, Delight, Flamingo, Aspire, Sky, Xtreme and Beyond.

Shipping Information: Take a look for a shop that offers FREE Shipping on Pleaser shoes. Also take a look at their returns policy.
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Pleaser Shoes for Pole Dance - Questions & Answers

Q: Are they comfortable?

They are some of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you will wear for pole dancing. The comfort level of these shoes is just one of the reasons exotic dancers buy this brand.

Q: Why do Pole Dancers Wear Pleaser?

They are simply the best! The craftsmanship, design and style gives this brand the edge over others. They have been one of the go to brands for many years now. Others try to compete with them but have failed to make sexy footwear to the same standard. 

Q: What Styles do People Wear to Class?

Pleaser launched their pole fitness range especially for those taking up the new breed of exercise class. This product range includes:
- Thigh High Boots
- Knee High Boots
- Ankle Boots
- Platform Sandals

Q: How Long Will they Last?

That does depend on how often you wear your shoes. They tend to get scuffed and scratched when you practice. There are ways to make them look like new but it’s probably best to protect them with special designed shoe protectors.

Q: Who Makes Them?

They are designed and made by Pleaser Shoes USA. They are manufactured in China.