Is Amazon a Good Place to Buy Pole Dancing Shoes from?

Amazon for Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole Dancing Shoes on Amazon? Are you wondering if Amazon is a good place to buy pole dancing shoes from in 2020? 

Amazon is hugely popular and you can buy virtually anything you are looking for from this world-wide site. There are many advantages of buying a pair of pole dancing shoes from this online store especially if you have a prime subscription as you will be able to take advantage of free shipping.

Both Pleaser and Ellie shoes have Amazon stores meaning you can buy pretty much direct or you can buy via a seller who allows Amazon to take care of the order for them. 

As well as big brand names in the world of pole dancing you can also pick up some cheaper shoes.

If you choose to buy via Amazon try and take advantage of the Prime membership as the shoes you choose will be with you within a few days if not the very next day. 

The other advantage of using this store is global delivery. 

I use amazon quite a lot very easy to deal with and brilliant if you have a dispute, they are happy to help.

Depending on where you are located will determine which Amazon store you use.

Advantages of Buying Pole Dancing Shoes from Amazon

The obvious advantages of using Amazon to make your purchase is the free delivery offered to prime members and the opportunity to buy from a wide range of sellers. 

If you happen to live in a rural or urban area or you be able to take advantage of them for getting your choice of pole dancing shoes delivered quickly. Depending on your location they might be delivered next day or within two days – even if the seller is in another country. 

Even on the rare occasion something goes wrong they sort it out efficiently.  

If you happen to sign up for Amazon Prime you can get free delivery on many items and also get free music and free kindle books. There are so many other advantages, there are too many to list.

The Disadvantages of Buying Pole Shoes from Amazon

The only obvious disadvantages of buying your new platform heels from Amazon is the returns policy. If you should happen to need to return your shoes there is a big chance you will have to pay the shipping costs – but to be honest this is pretty standard with most shoe shops with the exception of FM heels (they are based in the UK so there returns policy is only good if you are in England, no use for the USA or the rest of the world). 

The other disadvantage is that the choice might not be a big as it is if you shop via another online store. However, this is not an issue if you find the sexy platform pole dancing shoes of your dreams on Amazon. 

Which Brands of Pole Shoes will you find on Amazon?

All of the big names in pole dancing shoes including Pleaser and Ellie shoes are available to buy on Amazon, but you can also buy less well known names shoes as Tony shoes.  Cheap brands are also available such as the highest heel amoungst others. 

How Much Do Pole Dancing Shoes Cost on Amazon?

Well that very much depends on what style you buy, the brand you are looking for and if they are on sale. Also if you buy boots these will cost more especially if you are wanting thigh high.  If you want your heels to last then it would be wise not to buy some that are very cheap as the heel might snap of or they may not be very stable.

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