How to Shop for the Best Cheap Pole Dancing Shoes 2020

Cheap Pole Dancing Shoes

Introduction to Cheap Pole Dancing Shoes

In an era where some pole fitness classes are as much about the clothes and shoes, buying a pair of pole dancing shoes doesn’t have to cost the earth. Cheap pole dancing shoes are a good option for those who don’t want to spend a ton on a pair or they need a back up pair to practice in. With the help of cheaper brands, discount codes and sales it is possible to get a pair that will be good value.

Instead of showing you tons of shoes that are currently on sale, we are highlighting the best online stores to where you can pick up a pair of Pleasers or other brands for the lowest possible price. And if you’re looking for more options or shopping for sales, we have advice on when to shop and where to find discount codes.

Look for stores with a Pleaser shoes sale, clearance & closeout shoes & boot or an outlet.

Where to Buy Cheap Pole Dancing Shoes

Pleaser Shoes Sale

The ultimate way to get a good quality pair of Pleaser shoes at a cheaper price is to wait for a sale to be on. Traditionally good time to buy would be on Black Friday or in the January sales. However, fortunately for us a number of online stores have a section devoted to shoes on sale – sometimes these shoes are on sale because it is a holiday, or maybe the style is being discontinued or perhaps the shoes are seconds.

FM Heels have a sale area of there store.

Discount Codes

The dream is a discount or promo code for an online store that sells Pleaser pole dancing shoes. Occasionally these are released. Watch the facebook pages of online store or join there mailing lists to be updated. Banana Shoes are a good store to watch for discount codes.

These promotional codes are a good way to pick up a pair of sexy shoes at a reasonable price, meaning you have more money to spend on lessons 🙂

Outlet Stores

These are a superb way to grab a pair of pole dancing shoes at a lower price. These are sometimes seconds or simply because the store has too many or the manufacturer a surplus.

Banana Shoes have an outlet with up to 50% off!

List of Stores That Sell Pole Shoes at a Lower Price

Find your countries flag and then select a store that you’ve not looked at yet. Hope you find a great pair!

Select Your Country
Cheapest Stores Online For Pole Shoes
UK Cheap shoes ImageFM Heels: Regular sales and a section devoted to 2nd's and clearance shoes- plus you get free UK delivery!

Banana Shoes: Leading brands including Pleaser Shoes and up to 50% off selected brands plus regular sales makes this a great store Plus you get free UK delivery!

Amazon UK: Best Prices UK

eBay - There are always some great shoes on to buy whether buy it now or auction at very cheap prices.
USA cheap pole shoes ImageAmazon USA: Best Prices USA

eBay - Great selection of shoes in the buy it now or auction.
Australia cheap pole dance Shoesebay - a great place to find pole dancing shoes at a bargain in Australia

Shoes of Seduction - ladies fashion and fetish shoes at great prices


Cheap pole shoes in the current economic climate are a must! Nobody wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair for lessons. It is a fine balance between quality and cost. If you buy a pair that are really cheap you will end up buying a new pair within a few months, the heels on some cheap brands fall of after they bang on the floor a few times.

The most important tip is to buy a good quality make! Cheap brands are best avoided when buying footwear for this sport. I purchased a pair of cheap ones (a name that shall remain nameless) and they fell apart after a few landings when I was first learning to invert. Cheap brands are often not as comfortable as more reputable brands. Good makes tend to have good padding inside the shoes and are made from good quality materials so the experience had when wearing them is a good one. Always buy the best you can afford with your budget. The best brand to buy is Pleaser. Pleaser shoes can be purchased from the online shops highlighted above.

If it is the first pair of shoes that you are buying you might want some more help deciding which pair to buy. Take a look at our more in-depth guide top tips for buying pole dancing shoes for an informative guide to buying pole shoes. This great guide covers all of the frequently asked questions people ask when looking to buy there first pair of pole shoes.