Buying Pole Dancing Shoes: Top Tips

Buying your first pair of shoes for pole dancing can be daunting. You don’t know where to buy them from, which online stores are reputable and you have no idea which shoes are suitable. The guide below answers the most commonly asked questions. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about buying shoes for pole fitness.

If you’re looking to buy pole dancing shoes then take a look at our list of the best pole dancing shoes shops online or our post on buying Pleaser shoes

Pleaser Shoes are the Number One Shoe Worn for Pole Dancing and Fitness

  • They are light weight
  • Fit true to size
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very well made

The best place to buy these if you are located in the UK is FM Shoes or , they stock an incredible number of shoes in there UK warehouse, meaning you’ll get them quicker than if you buy elsewhere.

There are a number of things you need to consider before you buy pole shoes. You should consider:

  • What are pole dancing shoes
  • The size of heel you would like
  • The colour of shoes you would like
  • The shoes style
  • The shoe design
  • The shoe brand
  • The size of your shoe
  • How much foot covering you would like and how much grip you would like to get on the pole
  • Consider how much you can afford to spend
  • The best shop to buy pole shoes from
  • What shoes to avoid when you buy shoes for pole fitness
  • Are high platform heeled shoes the correct footwear for you?
  • Do I need to buy sexy stripper shoes? What are the benefits of wearing them?

A Brief Introduction To Shoes For Pole Dancing: What Are Pole Dancing Shoes?
Shoes for pole fitness are made out of material which sticks to the pole and come with or without an ankle strap. They are a platform shoe with a high heel. The heel height ranges from small 3inches to a huge 10 inches. There are also a range of platform heights available but this normally is at a ratio to the heel height which means that walking will be easy.

Pole shoes are also known as stripper shoes, lap dancing shoes, sexy platform heels and pole dancing heels so if you are searching and can’t find what you are looking for you could search google using the alternative names.

Heel and Platform Size: Will I Be Able To Walk, Stand And Dance In High Platform Shoes?
Everyone’s first concern when buying platform shoes is that they won’t be able to walk in 6 inch platform shoes never mind be able to dance, climb and invert on a pole/. Fear not it is easier than it seems. Here is why:

Sexy high heeled shoes have a 1.5inch platform, this actually makes platform shoes with a 6inch heel only 3.5inches high. The same as a normal pair of high heeled party shoes. The platform as well as decreases the amount of heel these sultry shoes also have thicker heels which make balancing in the shoes much easier. Better quality shoes like Pleaser shoes also tend to be padded so the shoes are much more comfortable than party shoes.

To recap the platform in the shoe makes walking in these shoes easy and comfortable, I know that this sounds crazy at first but you need to try it to believe it! Go on and try it you won’t regret the investment. You will be wearing then on a girls night out as well once you realise how much better it is than normal going out shoes.

If you’re not used to wearing high platform shoes it could be best to try a 6inch heel as opposed to an 8inch heel.

What Style Of Shoe To Buy: How much foot covering would like and how much grip would you like on the pole
There are a number of styles of pole shoes available including but not limited to sexy sandals, Mary-Jane shoes, Open waisted shoes, Dolly court shoes, Peep toe, peep toe sandals, sling back, peep toe sling backs and ankle strap shoes.

Mary-Jane pumps or slingback shoes are the best for those new to wearing platform shoes when pole dancing. Mary-Jane shoes cover the entire foot which cover most of the foot. The greater the area of foot covered the easier it is climb the pole.

What Colours Are Available
Shoes are available to buy in a variety of colours such as red, black, yellow, pink, green or white. Some shoes have neon or flashing soles and/or heels.

What Designs Are Available
Other than the colour and style of pole shoes you can buy an original pair of shoes by purchasing shoes which have a different design of platform.

  • The platform in most shoes is the same colour as the top of the shoe so it looks like there is no platform in the shoe.
  • The platform in the shoes is normally hollow. The platform in other shoes can be see through or a different colour to top of the shoes so that it becomes a feature of the shoe.
  • Some shoes have a hidden compartment in the platform so to store money or keys in. A feature has been made out of some shoes and there is a hole in the side of the shoe so that tips can be placed in the sole of the shoe.
  • Some platforms are see through so that items such as ducks and dice can be made a feature of.

Be Honest: Which look the prettiest?
If you don’t buy the shoes that you really love you will end up buying a second pair. It is sometimes best to spend a little bit more on the shoes that you want in order to get the ones that you really want. Buy the prettiest ones – if you love the shoes you will love wearing them!

How Much To Spend
Think about how much you can afford to spend. Bear in mind when you set you budget that some of the cheaper brands of shoes may scratch easily or the heel may fall of when the shoes bang on the floor when practising a move that you have not yet perfected. £40+ is a reasonable amount to pay for a pay of fabulous shoes.

What To Avoid When Buying Shoes For Pole Fitness
Avoid footwear that has metal studs or big buckles on them. Big buckles and studs can cause damage, scratches and scrapes to the coating on the pole which may mean the pole becomes less sticky or you injure your hand or legs. Buckles can catch on your legs, arms or hands and cause horrible scratches and gashes to the body.

Some Added Extras Of Pole Shoes
There is a great advantage of wearing big shoes for dancing. The main one is that the extra height means that you get higher on the pole quicker. When inverting you can performing at a much greater height as you will use less strength to pull you up to the same height. The extra weight added to your legs when wearing shoes and boots will give your abdominal and leg muscles more of a work out.

Which Brand Should I Buy
There are many brands of pole shoes available on the market. Some brans are better than others. Here are a few of the brands available:

Pleaser shoes: The market leaders in sexy shoes.
Tony shoes
Erosella footwear (Formerly Nitelife-footwear)
Ellie Shoes
My 1st Wish
Honey Nut Raisin

Which Size Should I Buy?
When buying high platform heels it can be best to purchase as shoes that are one size bigger than you normally wear. If you have broad feet you may need to buy two sizes bigger. It is important to always read size guide on the website you are getting your shoes from.

The Benefits Of High platform Shoes for Pole Fitness
Shoes for pole fitness are extremely comfortable and can help you when you are pole dancing. Sexy platform shoes help you when you are dancing in a wide variety of ways. Pole shoes really stick to the pole making climbing and some inverted moves easier.

The extra weight on the end of your legs helps to improve your spins by giving you extra momentum, help to make your tricks look incredible as they help to achieve a deeper stretch. They also help to improve your posture and footwork.

The other added benefit is that sexy platform shoes make you and your legs look gorgeous and also increase your workout as they make your abdominal’s work harder than when not wearing shoes.

Do I have To Wear Platform Heels?
Yes, there are many other types of footwear for pole dancing. You can dance in bare feet, sneakers, boots, trainers or foot undies.