Top Tips For Buying Pole Dancing Boots

pole dancing boots
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Pole dancing boots can really look great when you are dancing and help you get more grip on the pole. Make sure you buy the correct pair of boots or you’ll find that they won’t stick to the pole, you may damage the pole or yourself and possibly waste your money. The tips below will make sure that you get a pair of sexy platform boots that will be perfect for spinning, climbing and performing tricks on the pole. Many of the commonly asked questions are answered. If you want some ideas of what is available take a look at our top 10 guide of best pole dancing boots.

Where to Buy Pole Dancing Boots

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Online Shop Thats Good For Pole Dancing Boots
UK boots ImageAmazon UK: Best Prices for sexy boots in the UK

eBay - Tons of sexy boots to buy using buy it now or auction.

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USA Shoes and boots ImageAmazon USA: Best Prices in the USA for boots.

eBay - Fab selection of boots for pole in the buy it now or auction section.
Australia boots and Shoesebay - a great place to find pole dancing boots at a bargain in Australia

Shoes of Seduction - ladies fashion and fetish boots at great prices on eBay.

Material: What Is The Best Material For Pole Boots

Before you buy a pair of boots make sure that they are made out a material that will stick to the pole. not all boots are suitable for the pole. Some boots will be made out of slippery material which will mean that you cannot climb the pole.

Avoid boots made out of soft leather as these will be slippery. Boots made from plastic or shiny patent material will really stick to the pole – make sure you check out our recommended boots as these are made from boots that will stick to the pole.

Which Styles Of Boots Is Best? Buckles, Hooks and Zips

Avoid hooks, buckles, zips and laces which are in a place on the boots which will hinder your moves or casue you to slip from the pole.

Hooks tend to bend when they are banged against the pole so are best avoided. Zips are best on the inside of the leg. the best boots to buy are those that slip on. If you can find a pair that fit then you should buy these.

What Size Should I Buy?

Make sure you buy a pair of boots that fit really well. If they are too big your feet will slip and slide inside the boot and may come of whilst you are upside down. You don’t want to fall out of your boots onto the floor.

The Benefits Of Pole Dancing Boots: Do I really Need A Pair Of Boots?

  • They look fabulous for practice sessions, lessons, routines, performances, pole grading and out and about in town on a girlie night out.
  • Pole boots offer some protection from bruises to the legs obtained when climbing and performing some spins and inverts.
  • The plastic shiny material grips the pole which means that you use less energy trying to stay gripped to the pole meaning that you have more energy and can dance for longer on the pole.
  • Boots come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Which Is The Best Manufacturer Of Boots For Pole Dancing?

There are many companies that produce boots for pole dancers. The best supplier of boots for pole dancing is Pleaser. Pleaser make some amazing footwear which is the very best quality, they are the market leaders of sexy footwear. Other good suppliers of boots are Erosella footwear (formally Nitelife footwear) and Tony’s shoes.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Pole Dancing Boots?

We have three favourite shops online that we recommend that students buy pole dancing boots from. Banana, and our our preferred retailers. These online stores are reliable, reputable, deliver fast, have a clear and concise returns policy and they sell some of the best boots online at the very best prices available online.

Don’t Get Stuck On Your Boots

Just like with grip aids you should not rely on your boots. If you rely on boots for dancing in you may not be able to dance without them. Once you have perfected a move learn how to perform i the move without your boots or shoes on.