How To Care For Your Pleasers

Care for Pleaser ShoesPleaser shoes are an investment, after choosing your first, second or third pair of sexy high heeled shoes you will be aware that they might need some maintenance from time to time. No one likes to see their favourite pair of pole shoes scuffed, damaged or even broken so we’ve come up with these tips on how to care for them. Whether you want to keep them scuff free or you need to do some repairs. Here is how to care for them.

Scuffed Shoes

This is probably the first problem you will come across. After the first time I wore my shoes I noticed that I had left black marks all over the pole studio floor. Exactly where I had been dancing. I didn’t want all of the finish rubbing off of my shoes so I took a look online.

Budget Method: Online I discovered that a common way of protecting the whilst practising is to pull a pair of socks over the toe. This is a cost-effective way of keeping them in tip-top condition whilst you practise. That way you jeep them nice for when you perform.

Make a Purchase: If you don’t want to use this cost-effective method, which can look a bit naff you can invest in some shoe protectors that have been specially designed for Pleaser heels. These are actually quite hard to come by, we have seen them available on Etsy and that’s about it.

Repair: The most common way to hide any scuffs on these awesome shoes is to invest in some sharpies and colour them in. You could also sand them down and glitter them up a bit with some Modge Podge. An interesting name which I have only just come across but I am so excited about it. It’s been around since the 70’s and you can use it to make your own glitter heels. So if you want custom designed PLeaser heels this is what you’ll be needing. Watch out for a post coming soon.

Dirty Foot Bed

This is going to be a common problem and can be solved in a number of ways.

Cost effective: Wear a pair of socks or shoe protectors mentioned above and they will keep the sole of your platform clean and dirt free.

Make a purchase: If you don;t plan on trying to do pirouettes in your heels a pair of sole protectors will keep them nice and clean. They do tend to add a non-slip surface to the sole of the shoe so it could make dancing tricky. Of course, whether you make this purchase or not will depend on how you plan to use your Pleaser’s.

Repair: Simply get a baby wipe, damp cloth or even some vodka you use to clean the pole and wipe the soles. They will be almost as good as new 🙂

Broken Heel Strap

This brand of shoes are well made but from time to time, especially if you have used them a lot the ankle strap might break or come of. If this is the case, fear not as there is a cheap fix available.

Purchase: Invest in a pair of detachable ankle straps. These are a great investment that can be used on coutless pairs of shoes. They are available to buy for less than £10.

If you are in the UK they are available to buy from Amazon.