Detachable Ankle Straps

There's probably nothing worse than having a pair of amazing slip on platform shoes that slide around / slip off when you walk and are inappropriate for dancing in. But there is a simple and inexpensive way to add some extra security and comfort. Detachable ankle straps are a superb way of turning your favourite slip on heels into a pair of shoes with an ankle strap. If you want to keep on wearing your beautiful slide on shoes invest in a pair of these. We have compiled a list of the best detachable ankle straps available on the market. Our list focuses on those which are compatible with high heeled platform shoes.

Best Detachable Ankle Straps

Pleaser Detachable Clear Strap

#1. Pleaser Detachable Clear Ankle Straps

These detachable straps are from the leaders in sexy shoes. The well known name makes them stand out from a crowd. The clear detachable ankle straps will convert your slide on Pleaser shoes into a pair of ankle strap heels. Perfect for pole fitness.

24 Reviewers give then 4 out of 5. Comments made include that they are actually pretty sturdy and I would say very durable.

The strap itself is a little wider and a little thicker than your typical built in ankle strap. That is good because it adds stability to your shoes so that you’ll be less likely to flip flop and you also will not notice too much stretch.

They come in two sizes. We think these straps will be perfect addition to your pole bag along with your sexy strapless platform shoes / mules. At just £12.99 with FREE Shipping they are cheaper than buying a new pair of extreme high heeled platforms with straps.

Features and benefits:
- Simple Clear Detachable Ankle Straps Fits Almost All Pleaser Shoes
- Ideal Backup in Case an Ankle Strap Breaks
- Convert your Slide Mules into Ankle Strap Sandals
- Size Small to Medium, Fits Shoe Sizes UK (2 - 7)
- 1 pair included

#2. Healifty

Get 3 pairs of detachable anti slip shoe straps for just £8.69 and FREE delivery.

These just simply slip over the foot and sole of the shoe and can be used time and again. They prevent slippery wear-resisting and provide good stability. Perfect for shoes that do not fit comfortably.

They are made from clear plastic so can be worn to hold on any colour platform heels when dancing, walking etc.

- Color: Clear.
- Material: TPU.
- Size: Approx. 18x1x0.2cm/7x0.4x0.08 inch.
- Durable for long term wear. - 3 pairs are included


#3. Eliza May ShooStraps

These detachable straps which are available on Amazon are available at a lower price than Pleaser's.

They get 4 stars out of five from 171 reviewers at the time of writing. That's not bad. The same rating that Pleaser's get. We always like to go with the big brand, but you do pay more for a name.

They are both reusable and detachable, as well as long lasting. One pair can be used on many different shoes. They are made from high quality elastic vegan friendly material compatible with any sizes and different shoe types.

They provide you with a practical solution to shoes that slip off, blister free more comfortable walk. Close via the use of a buckle, clip or sticky closure for both functionality and style.

These are a great purchase if you are in the market for some detachable shoe straps. And as they come in a range of styles you will find a pair that suit you!

Get them in black, beige and transparent/clear - grab a pair for all of your shoes today.

Benefits and Features
- Range of colours
- Range of styles
- Leather or TPU
- Fit a range of shoes styles from ballet pumps to platform heels

How To Use Detachable Ankle Straps

Using them is really simple, although it does vary between barnds. In general they simply slip over the foot and sole of the shoe and can be used time and again.

They are reusable and long lasting and just one pair can be used on many different shoes.

Grab a pair these today and pop them in your bag incase your ankle strap breaks on a night out or use to transform your beautiful slip on shoes into the perfect pair of heels. The clear material means that unless someone is lookign hard they won't see them 🙂

Of course if you are looking for a new pair of pole dancing shoes check out our home page.