Pole Dancing Clothes

If you are looking for some pole wear or an alluring outfit for work or a competition then look no further. You can buy some fantastic pole dance clothes on Amazon – Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com, but if you are looking for something a little more risqué you should check out our favourite shop FMShoes – they ship within the UK and worldwide.

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UK Pole dancing clothes ImageBanana Shoes - Sell the leading brands of clothes for pole for fun, fitness or work. Leading brands including elegant moments. Frequent sales and sales room with up to 60% off.

Amazon UK: Some of the best prices in the UK.

eBay - There are always some great clothes for pole to buy whether you use the buy it now option or auction.

Fancy Panda - a UK based fancy dress store that sells a fantastic and unusual selection of sexy clubwear at very ow prices. A great selection of sexy dresses, the perfect shorts for pol and other accessories.
USA Pole dancing clothes ImageAmazon USA: Best Prices USA

eBay - Great selection of Pole Dancing Clothes in the buy it now or auction.
Australia Pole dancing clothesebay - a great place to find Pole Dancing Clothes at a bargain in Australia

Dirty Bird Store - a great place to find Pole Dancing shorts & bikinis at a bargain prices in Australia. (An ebay store)

There are a huge variety of clothes available for pole sports. Those taking part in lessons normally opt for a pair of short shorts (hot pants) and a vest top. For competitions and shows there are a wide variety of items available to buy online ranging from sensual clothes to intricate and eye catching fancy dress outfits that suit the routine and music. Take a look below at some of our favourite pole shorts, pole vest tops and more alluring pole dancing clothes for competitions, pole shows and of course those of you looking for work.

✅ Shorts – You need your skin exposed to stick to the pole when climbing and doing pole sits

✅ Vest Top – These are great to pop over the top of a crop top if you’re worried about your belly being on show

✅ Crop Top / Sports Bra – for more advanced moves like inversions you might feel safer if you have the skin on your belly to stick to the pole.

✅ Pole Dancing Shoes – these are optional but some schools wear these for sexy heels classes. Most schools don;t wear these to standard classes in case students fall and twist an ankle.

✅ Pole Grip – there are a number of products on the market that you can rub on your hands (or anywhere else that you might need help sticking to the pole) and also gloves, socks and leggings that are made of sticky material. These products all help you stick to the pole.

❌ Trainers – ideally it’s best to pole bare foot as you use your feet to climb and grip. Some students choose to wear specially designed pumps or even pole dancing shoes

❌ Leggings – you need your skin exposed in order to grip the pole (unless they are specifically made for pole sports)

❌ Rings or bracelets – these can be dangerous AND scratch our precious poles! 😠

Which is the Best Brand of Pole Clothes?

There are pole dance wear manufacturers popping up all over the place. Many are small companies or simply individuals trying to make a few quid out of a hobby.

Some of the big names include pole rad, pole junkie, move dance, wink fitness wear, pole fit, pole candy, Cleo the Hurricane, Sarah Scott and many many more.

Which is the best brand, depends on your budget and your style. Take a look online at all the names above and see which you like. They all make great clothes, so there is no debate when it comes to quality, they are all made to an exceptional standard and most importantly they last.

What Do I Wear to a Pole Dancing Class?

This is a frequently asked question by students new to pole fitness, and a question frequently typed into Google so we thought that we would put together a comprehensive guide which tells you exactly what you need to wear to pole dancing classes.

As there are a wide range of pole classes being run today we have had to break the advice down into smaller sections. Depending on what class you are taking and what level you are might determine what outfits you will wear. The attire you choose to wear will depend on your personal preference and what style of dance you are doing. If you are competing you might need some other outfits as well. ole photo shoots often send students into a frenzy as well. Don;t worry, we have that covered as well.

I’m a Beginner What Should I wear to Pole Class?
If it’s your first class you might be a little more concerned about you should be wearing. You might also be a little apprehensive about revealing your skin. Worry not, you’ll get over that!

Most students rock up to class in leggings or tracksuit bottoms with pants underneath. A vest top with crop top underneath work perfectly.

In your first few lessons you will probably work on a few simple spins and maybe try and climb and sit on the pole.

For the warm up and spins, being fully clothed will be just fine, but when you try to climb the pole or try to sit on it, your clothes will get in the way. You need your skin out to stick to the pole. This is when a pair of shorts will be required. If you’re just starting out some shorts from your draw or a pair of boy shorts over your normal pants will be just fine. As you become more experienced you might want to invest in shorter shorts. But no need to rush into exciting pants yet 🙂

I often pick up black pants from Tesco, H&M or Primark as these are cheap enough to purchase if you don;t want to spend a lot. If you do want to invest in some shorts that have been designed for pole you can get some of these at a variety of online stores, or the pole school might even keep a stock of them.

Pole dancing clothes brands include Bad Kitty, Juicee, Move Dancewear

What Do Experienced Pole Dancers Wear to Class?
Once you have been on the pole for a while and you are comfortable with getting ‘your kit’ off you might want to try some different brands of pole clothes. Many girls try out cuter outfits or skimpier outfits. Bright colours, leopard print or shiny materials often make an appearance. These fun outfits can make you feel sexier and more confident when on the pole. But don;t feel obliged to pay lots of money for outfits for class. Personally after 10 years of poling i’m still happiest in my Tesco big knickers and sports bra.

Cleo the Hurricane and Rad do some great outfits if you did want to invest though.

What Would I Wear to a Heel Class?
A class that is coming very popular is going back to roots and wearing 6 inch heels to dance in. If you are attending these classes you will need to invest in a pair of pole dancing shoes. They come in a range of heights. The best place to buy these can be found on our home page.

The brand of choice for many is Pleaser, the makers of some very sexy shoes and boots. The shoes are well made and very comfortable to walk in, even though they are huge, in some cases!. You can find out more about them HERE.

Heels can make dancing so much more fun plus they elongate your legs to give you that youthful, slender, long legged look. They help to perfect that exotic stripper style. Some pole moves demand heels to make them look good. Many don;t like inverts in heels, but that’s how I learned and I think they help with climbs and cross ankle releases.

There are some superb styles out there!

It can also be a good idea to wear some shoe protectors. This will stop your beautiful shoes getting scuffed, and the paint coming off on the floor. These can be purchased for between £10 to £20 for a pair. Although they seem quite expensive, they are a valuable investment if you don;t want to ruin your £90 platform boots on their first wear.

These can be bought from Etsy, pole junkie and a couple of other places online.

What Do I Wear to a Floor Work Class?
If you are going to be rolling around on the floor you probably want to be comfortable so a pair of leggings and perhaps a pair of knee protectors, if you are going to be on your knees a lot. The advance of leggings is that they allow you to slide around the floor and give you plenty of room for movement.

There are some amazing flashy prints out there. Some are designed by polers for polers and others are just from legging stores.

Make sure your leggings are not sticky otherwise you won’t be able to slide around on the floor.

Socks can be advantageous in certain situations. Always pop a pair in your bag if you’re going to a floor class.

Knee pads ensure that your knees are protected. The knees are delicate and can become damaged if you do too much floor work without wearing pads. There are a number of pairs out there. Simple black ones from Amazon or jazzy print ones or even gel ones.

What Would I Wear to a Sexy Pole Dancing Class?
If you’re heading to a sexy pole class sometimes termed an old school pole class, you will want to wear something that you are comfortable in. Pole shorts, tiny risque ones if you’re brave teemed with a vest top.

Don;t forget those all important pole shoes….see above.