Pole Dancing Shorts: The Best Styles and Where to Buy Them

pole dancing shortsThis article is our next in our Pole Dancing Clothes series and highlights some of the hottest trends in pole dance shorts in 2019. If you’re looking for the best pole dancing shorts then this page has a selection of what’s available this year.

Pole fashion has become really commercial in recent years, catering to men and women of all different shapes and sizes. When I started pole fitness classes, every student seemed to wear boys shorts from Primark or the supermarket but it seems as though things have moved on. Like the fitness world in general, what you wear to the class is almost as important as what you do on the pole. Pole fashion has really upped its game in recent years with an abundance of new brands taking pole fashion to the next level. Girls and Boys can spend a fortune on shorts, tops and shoes as well as grip and their nails.

Even though we are a fan of tesco pants to work out in, we do have to admit that a good pair of pants properly designed for pole can make you look and feel a million dollars. It won’t necessarily make you perform any better on the pole, your pants will still go up your bum, you’ll still pull them out. But you will look hot when you walk around the studio 🙂 If they are cut well you will find that getting into more advanced moves easier.

Types of Pole Dancing Shorts

There are a range of shorts that girls wear for pole dance. When starting out students tend to wear big shorts, almost like cycling shorts but as body confidence grows and pole moves become more advanced the shorts get smaller and smaller. With some girls wearing a thong on the pole. Shorts are getting sexy on and off the pole. Invest in some awesome pants for the pole studio. Your pole friends will love it, your bloke might not 🙂

Best for Beginners
Most girls opt for a plain black cycle short style when just starting out. They are great for the pole without showing too much skin. They can be hitched up a bit if you need to use your thighs to grip the pole. If you want something that’ stylish with good coverage try the following:

Best for When You Need All your Thigh on Show
This is generally the time to invest in some shorts specifically designed for use on the pole. There are a range of revealing styles in flashy colours and prints! Shorts designed for pole have crotches that are wide enough so that you don;t reveal all to your instructor and fellow students along with cuts that make your bum and legs look tip top. If you want to invest in some today check these out:

Daring and Exotic Pants
If you would like to don something a bit more risqué then here is a selection for you. These are possibly perfect for an exotic class or the stage. The best teeny tiny pole shorts:

The Best Places to Buy Pole Dancing Shorts

You can’t beat Tesco, Sainsbury’s to buy boy shorts from, they’re perfect for pole classes (pole classes are expensive enough without spending your weeks wage on pants to work out in) or for our American visitors, Walmart.

If you do prefer to shop online then Amazon, eBay and FM Heels are a great place to start your search.

The best Brands to Look Out For Are

Pole Junkie, RAD, Dragonfly, Luna, Off The Pole, Paradise Chick, Cleo the HUrricane, Bad Kitty, Creatures of XIX, Luna, Tatiana and many many more