Prodigy Yoga Hammock Review

After trying to buy an X-Pole hammock to go with their A-Frame (it was out of stock) I searched for an alternative and discovered that Firetoys was recommended by the UK Circus. I had a tough time deciding between the Prodigy brand and Firetoys own brand.

Prodigy Aerial HammockI have to say that once the prodigy Hammock arrived I was so glad i had spent the extra few pounds as the material is fantastic (in comparison to the firetoys hammock). It’s not supposed to be as good for beginners but as someone who hasn’t been in a hammock for a year I had no issues with its comfort and will recommend it to everyone.

After I had decided on my hammock, I placed the order after deliberating for an age about the colour (I think I made the right choice, but if I had a studio I’d buy one in every colour and make a rainbow 🙂 ). It was quick to place the order, a very logical process, with a confirmation email arriving in my in-box very shortly. The great thing about the firetoys website is that you can see the stock availability, so there is no chance that you will place an order and be told it’s out of stock. The hammock arrived within 3 working days.

These hammocks are made from the same fabric as Prodigy’s popular Aerial Silks, which has a lower stretch than some other hammocks on the market. Many people find this lower stretch makes the hammock more supportive and less effort is required to hold you in the pose.

The quality is definitely very good. I felt a firetoys hammock at the pole studio I go to and this Prodigy one is much better quality and so very soft and silky. I love it! If you are considering buying your own hammock get one of these!!

My tip if you are using with an A-frame ofr have super high ceilings is to buy the Prodigy silk material (which is the same material they use for the hammocks) in a length long enough to do silks and use it for multiple disciples by buying a figure 8 descender for silks along with carabiners and o-rings for hammock installation. (note: you have to retire your material after a certain number of hours use/ years)

You can buy the Prodigy Hammock from the Firetoys website. At the time of writing the hammock cost £99.95

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