Prodigy Yoga Hammock Review

Prodigy yoga Hammock Review

Prodigy Yoga Hammock Overview

After trying to buy an X-Pole hammock to go with their A-Frame (it was out of stock) I searched for an alternative and discovered that Firetoys was recommended by the UK Circus. I had a tough time deciding between the Prodigy Yoga Hammock and Firetoys own brand.

Prodigy 6m HammockI have to say that once the prodigy Hammock arrived I was so glad i had spent the extra few pounds as the material is fantastic. It’s not supposed to be as good for beginners but as someone who hasn’t been in a hammock for a year I had no issues with its comfort and will recommend it to everyone.

After I had decided on my hammock, I placed the order after deliberating for an age about the colour (I think I made the right choice, but if I had a studio I’d buy one in every colour and make a rainbow 🙂 ).

These hammocks are made from the same fabric as Prodigy’s popular Aerial Silks, which has a lower stretch than some other hammocks on the market. Many people find this lower stretch makes the hammock more supportive and less effort is required to hold you in the pose.

The quality is definitely very good. I felt a firetoys hammock at the pole studio I go to and this Prodigy one is much better quality and so very soft and silky. I love it! If you are considering buying your own hammock get one of these!!

My tip if you are using with an A-frame or have super high ceilings is to buy the Prodigy silk material (which is the same material they use for the hammocks) in a length long enough to do silks and use it for multiple disciples by buying a figure 8 descender for silks along with carabiners and o-rings for hammock installation. (note: you have to retire your material after a certain number of hours use/ years)

More Details

Prodigy Yoga HammockProdigy Aerial sell premium aerial equipment. They are based in the UK and have placed their focus on the design and manufacture of high quality aerial equipment.

They have developed, through years of expertise and research durable and safe aerial yoga hammocks.

The company doesn’t sell direct to the public but via a distributor, see the link below to buy from one of the trusted online shops.

Prodigy Yoga Hammock is made from low stretch material which gives the perfect support you suspensions and inversions. This low stretch also means that the fabric behaves in a predictable way, meaning that it is easier to set the correct height without compensating for the hammock stretching once weight is inside / on it – meaning you don;t have to stop class to adjust hammocks (other than if you want to move to a low hammock).

The width is brilliant at 290cm – providing enough width to lay down fully inside or do the splits.

Prodigy’s yoga hammock is made from premium nylon fabric made in the USA but the Hammocks are cut and teid in the UK. Prodigy state that destructive testing has been carried to ensure safety.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

The Aerial yoga hammock comes in a range of colours and to get the Prodigy Yoga Hammock at a great price, you can purchase this product through links on our site. One of the greatest features of this popular hammock it’s affordability in comparison to its competitors.

For this reason, when you shop Prodigy products through our site you can rest assured that you are receiving an unmatched value for one of the most powerful aerial hammock products currently on the market.

We ordered one recently from the link below and it arrived within 3 days – the brilliant thing about the online store suggested below is that they ship orders the same day of order before 5pm and the next day for orders afterwards. You can also select speedier delivery if you need it in a rush.

Overall Review

Overall, during this review we were very pleased with the product and its price-performance ratio. Prodigy’s Yoga Hammock offers excellent value. It’s not as cheap as some hammocks available on the market – but it is worth every penny. It’s low stretch, predictability set it apart from others.

This yoga hammock will give you hours of fun and fitness. Owning one of these hammocks at home will ensure that you can combine traditional yoga, pilates, and aerial circus skills. Train strength, flexibility and general fitness in a fun and engaging way from the comfort of your home or garden.

The great thing about the Prodigy Yoga hammock is that you can get free delivery. Buy through the distributor recommended on our site using the link below.