Pole Dancing Footwear

There are a number of different items of footwear that can be worn. Below is a quick overview of the perfect footwear that is available:


Pole dancing shoes come in many styles and colours. They offer some protection from bruises to the feet, especially the tops when climbing. They assist you when trying to climb as they offer greater grip than bare feet. They also make the dancer feels special and can make performing pivots more graceful. Find out top tips for buying pole shoes and where to buy the best pole dancing shoes online. A pair of sexy high heeled platform shoes are essential to every girls wardrobe.


Boots greatly enhance a dancers ability to adhere and climb. They also protect the legs and feet from bruises, scrapes and burns frequently caused by climbing and inverting. The platform heeled boots will also make performing pivots and dance moves easier.

Not all boots are suitable so be careful to check what material they are made from. Take a look at these great tips for buying boots for pole fitness. If you want to look amazing, protect your legs and feet plus dance for longer grab a pair of knee high or thigh high boots today. Take a look at the recommended boots to buy.

Sexy High Heels

High heeled platform shoes can make the dancer feel sensual. They can also aid a dancers performance. Some students find that these fabulous shoes can help when first learning to dance. These shoes can help students to climb as they are made from material which sticks to the vertical bar. Pivoting and spinning can also become much easier.


Athletic shoes that have a high top which covers the ankle or a low top that sits below the ankle. Those suitable are made from plastic or rubber and really stick and help you climb. Sneaker boots can be fab for those new to wearing high heels for this sport. They are an athletic shoe with a heel attached. They can be advantageousness as they have a high heel, are generally made from molded rubber and can be more comfortable than high heeled shoes.

Avoid buying sneakers that are made from canvas material as these will not stick, in fact they will offer less grip than bare feet. You will find yourself sliding to the floor.


Many pole fitness schools don’t like girls to wear high heeled shoes for a number of reasons such as safety. It can be easy to twist an ankle if a student lands funny whilst practising in high heeled shoes. Bare feet also poise a problem as it can lead to the spread of fungal infections. The perfect solution is to wear a pare of trainers that are suitable. You need a pair of shoes that allow you to bend the foot, pivot on the ball of your foot and that stick to the vertical bar.

Wearing the correct footwear for pole fitness is essential for health and hygiene reasons. Footwear prevents the spread of verrucas and other foot aliments. Wearing shoes also prevents students from getting dirty feet from the studios floors. Its really difficult to keep studio floors clean when students come in and out wearing outdoor shoes and when studios are used for other sporting activities.

Wearing shoes, boots or trainers also prevents students getting bruises, scrapes and burns to the feet. It can also mean that a student can dance for longer as they don’t need to use so much energy trying to grip the pole when climbing and inverting.