Pleaser Shoes: A list of Online Stockists

Pleaser ShoesPleaser shoes are the gold standard shoes for pole dancing, burlesque, lap dancing and posing. Whether you take part in these sports for fitness or profession a pair of this amazing high heeled platform shoes are the best brand you could possibly invest in for your wardrobe. These are simply the best pole shoes in the industry sold to you with incredible customer service.

Pleaser are the leading producer of sexy and alternative footwear in the world. The global leaders. If you’re buying your first pair of pole dancing heels, or just adding to your pole shoes stash then these are the brand you need to be investing in.

These famous Pole Dancing Stripper Shoes are Sensuous, Sexy & Wild. There is an extensive range of shoes, boots and sandals. A huge range of colours, shiny, sparkly or matte finishes will leave you in a brain fussle as you try to decide which pair to buy next. There is a perfect stripper shoe with a killer heel that suits your style, skill set and taste.

These are the shoe that all other sexy shoes are judged by. Very few other shoes come close. The unmatched success and reputation comes from the attention to detail, great materials, skilled craftsmanship and incredible selection at superb prices. They are loved by performers and novices alike.

​Below you will find out which stores are Authorised Sellers at great prices by country and if you scroll down the page you will find a selection of the best available to buy online. Click on the shoes you like to be take to a page that gives detailed information about the shoes and the cheapest place to buy the shoes from.

Where to Buy Pleaser Shoes?

Buying Pleaser in the UK
If you are looking for where to buy in the UK you might have found that very few stores in the UK actually keep incredible shoes made in the USA in stock. You will stores keep a limited stock and when you place your order with them, email you to tell you that they are not in stock and they will be 7-10 days as they need to be shipped from the US and then on to you. This is all fine and dandy if you have time to wait, but if you need them next day it can be more of an issue. This is because a lot of sellers operate via 3rd party importers. Finding a store with a UK warehouse full of these superb shoes is the dream.

There are a couple of store in the UK that stock shoes and we reveal these below. A good way to tell if the store you are interested in stock it is a good idea to check if the design is available for next day delivery. If it’s not choose a different design or prepare for a few days wait.

It is possible to order them direct from Pleaser, but they are more expensive than buying from a supplier / stockist due to shipping, duties and taxes, so you are best off sticking with one of the stores listed below. You’ll save at least £10, in some cases a lot more.

Find the best shoe shop to buy your next pair from. Select your country and visit your shop of choice.

Select Your Country
Online Shoe Shop
UK Pleaser Sale ImageAmazon UK: Best Prices UK

eBay - There are always some great shoes on to buy whether buy it now or auction.

New Rock Shop - This is a store within ebay UK. A fab selection can be found within the Buy It Now Section.

FMHeels - Large UK Warehouse with large number of designs in stock.

Footwear Fetish - online store within eBay - UK supplier .
USA Pleaser Pole Shoes ImageAmazon USA: Best Prices USA

eBay - Great selection of shoes in the buy it now or auction.
Australia Pleaserebay - a great place to find at a bargain in Australia

Shoes of Seduction - ladies fashion and fetish shoes at great prices. This is an eBay based store in Australia.

Pleaser Shoes Sale

If you want to get a pair of cheap Pleaser shoes then look for the designs that are on clearance. Most shops listed above have a dedicated area of their site which is just for end of line products or are overstock. You can usually get these shoes at lower prices. However, the number of these are limited and are obviously a sort after bargain.

Pleaser Size Chart

US Women US Men UK EU CM
5 3 2 35 22.8
6 4 3 36 23.5
7 5 4 37 24.1
8 6 5 38 24.8
9 7 6 39 25.4
10 8 7 40 26.0
11 9 8 41 26.7
12 10 9 42 27.3
13 11 10 43 27.9
14 12 11 44 28.6
15 13 12 45 29.2
16 14 13 46 29.8
US Women US Men UK EU CM


Coming soon……we’ll be answering the following questions……

Are leaser shoes comfortable?
Why do pole dancers where Pleaser?
How to stretch them.
How to clean them.
Is bigger better?
How to protect my Pleasers?

More About Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser produce a number of shoes under different names. Pleaser, Pleaser Day and Night, Bordello, Pin Up Couture, Funtasma, Devious and Luscious. These six brands comprise a huge collection of sexy, glam, retro, rockabilly, fetish, gothic, punk, and renaissance footwear. Each Pleaser brand is suited to different sports, activities and personalities.

This brand of pole dancing shoe is the most comfortable pole dancing shoe that you will ever wear. The quality of the shoes and boots are simply devine, a quality that others can only strive for. You will not be disappointed with a pair of these shoes. The styles and designs are extraordinary. The most sort after design are the tip jar range, where there is a slot to place notes or coins into.

If you’re looking for the best ankle strap sandals, ankle boots with high heels, platform ankle costume shoes with free shipping look no further than the suppliers above.