Burlesque Clothes

Burlesque is about corsets, vintage clothes, metal studs, feather boas, satin gloves, old fashioned glamour and those super sexy high heels.

Some great clothes for burlesque can be sourced online. The best stores for buying clothes and accessories for burlesque are listed below. Simply locate your country from the list and select one of the shops that are great for buying burlesque attire from.

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Online Burlesque Clothes Shops
UK Burlesque clothes ImageAmazon UK: Some of the best prices in the UK.

eBay - There are always some great clothes for Burlesque to buy whether you use the buy it now option or auction.
USA Burlesque costumes ImageAmazon USA: Best Prices USA

eBay - Great selection of Burlesque Clothes & costumes in the buy it now or auction.
Australia Burlesque clothesebay - a great place to find Pole Dancing Clothes at a bargain in Australia

Dirty Bird Store - a great place to find Burlesque costumes, feathers and accessories at a bargain prices on eBay for those based in Australia

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